Faculty Budget Building Prompts

Answers to the following questions will help calculate all costs associated with your global course thereby establishing a course price.


  • What is your destination(s)?
  • How many days will the travel portion of the course be? Are your dates flexible?
  • Do you think you can recruit at least 10 students for the course?
  • Will you and your students need a visa to travel to the destination(s) on your itinerary? (Note: our international students often have different requirements than U.S. citizens.) If visas are required, what is the processing time?
  • Are there immunizations required or recommended for any of your destinations? If so, what is the cost and length of time needed before departure?
  • What is your goal budget per student (excluding tuition)?
  • Does your group need lodging?  If so, what level of accommodations would you like? (Do you have any specific hotels you are interested in?)
  • What types of ground transportation do you need and for what purposes?
  • What types of tours would you like for your course?
  • How many meals do you want included in the budget?
  • Is your department planning to supplement any of the faculty expenses or will all of them need to be built into the program fees?
  • What other costs will be incurred? Will your department or the student program fees cover these costs? (Consider pre-departure meetings, debriefing/classroom space on-location and/or gifts to the host organizations, tips for the guides.)
  • Will you include a group travel accessory (padfolio, umbrella, etc)?

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