Lipscomb University's enrollment has grown tremendously over the past few years ... an average of 10% per year since 2005. As our student body grows in number, so does the need to make a Lipscomb education accessible and affordable through scholarships. Choose one of the photos below to read about how scholarships are helping these students pursue their faith and their future at Lipscomb.

Trevor, Junior, Nashville, TNKelly, Sophomore, Knoxville, Tenn.Lorena, Junior, Zagreb, CroatiaAngad, Sophomore, India

“I knew I always wanted to go to college, even though no one else in my family has a college degree.

“When I met my admissions recruiter, Jessica Duty, I knew I was going to come to Lipscomb. She believed in me when no one else did, and I felt like she genuinely cared about me and wanted me here.

I grew up in the Church of Christ and wanted that type of influence in my education. I did not have the financial resources to attend Lipscomb, so I also work in the student call center to help pay for school. I would not be here without the assistance of scholarships.”

Emmaja -- Class of 2016
Nashville, TN

“I chose to attend college because I want a better future for myself.  

“None of my family members have completed a four-year college degree, and I want to break that curse as well as provide a better future for my life.

“I specifically chose Lipscomb because it is a private, Christian school, and I knew I could start a new life surrounded by people who have the same goal as me, which is to live under HIS name.

“My family did not believe that I could afford to attend Lipscomb and they pushed me to choose a cheaper college, but I knew Lipscomb was the best way to go.”

Jamal -- Class of 2016
LaVergne, TN

“When I first visited Lipscomb, I loved the atmosphere; everyone was so nice.

“The teachers really seem to care about me, and the Christian environment is really important to me. Paying for college has been a significant challenge, and without my scholarships, I would not have been able to afford to come to Lipscomb.

“Even though I struggle to balance the demands of school while holding down a job to help pay for my school, I hold onto my dream of becoming a physical therapist.”

Michelle -- Class of 2013
Greenbrier, TN

“Proverbs 3:13 reads ‘Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.’

“For me to hold true to this verse, I knew I would have to grasp and comprehend understanding through learning and education. If I want to excel in understanding, I must continue to go higher in my education. I knew choosing to go to a private Christian college would present some financial challenges. I put my trust in God; when it is his will, it’s his bill!

“Thanks to scholarships I am able to pursue my dream of majoring in social work. After graduation I would like to work with Hospice and my dream is to start my own non-profit to serve women who are starting over after being incarcerated or have been victims of human trafficking.”

Reisha -- Class of 2014
Mt. Juliet, TN

“My family did not encourage me to go to college, but I chose to attend because I wanted to change the situation I was in and create a better life for myself. 

“Overcoming the adversity I faced in choosing to come to college and pay for it myself is what keeps me motivated to keep striving to be better and finish my degree. Without the assistance of scholarships, I would not be able to afford the cost of a Lipscomb education.

“I chose Lipscomb because I felt it was a place for me to grow as an individual and grow spiritually while receiving a quality education.”

Janelle -- Class of 2015
Chicago, IL

“My parents did not attend college, and they encouraged me to make more of  myself. I knew I wanted to go to a Christian university because I wanted a great education taught by professors with similar morals and values to me.  Living in the dorms with students who are Christians is an amazing experience!

“I have had to overcome significant financial hurdles to attend Lipscomb. It actually came down to one last scholarship, and I needed to score one point higher on the ACT.  A family who is very supportive of my education drove me from south Georgia to Lipscomb’s campus so I could take the ACT. I waited for the results and was so ecstatic when I received word I had qualified for the additional scholarship money.

“My faith in God and the friends have I have made at Lipscomb keep me motivated to complete my degree.”

Jerry -- Class of 2016
Statenville, GA

“Lipscomb sent me a postcard offering a great scholarship.

“When I came for a visit, I loved that it was a small private Christian college with a close-knit environment. It’s really the perfect fit for me, and now I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

“Coming to Lipscomb was a challenge. Most of the people in my hometown don’t go on to college, especially girls. I was concerned about what people in my community would think about me going to a private college so far away and how I would afford a private education. However, the scholarships I received definitely made this exciting opportunity possible. My desire to become a nurse and serve others is what keeps me motivated to complete my degree.”

Nicole -- Class of 2016
Parkville, MO

“My church introduced me to Lipscomb through Impact.

“Throughout high school, I participated in many events held on Lipscomb’s campus and knew the campus atmosphere was amazing! Most importantly I loved that it was Church of Christ based, to keep that stability around me while I am in college.

“Without the help of scholarships, I would not have been able to attend Lipscomb. I wanted to be here so badly that I have chosen to live off campus to save money even though I don’t own a car. I know that having a college degree, which will enable me to fulfill my dream of becoming a pharmacist, will be greater than the present struggles.”

Kaylen -- Class of 2016
Nashville, TN

“I gave my life to God at the age of 14, converting from Buddhism to Christianity.

“I always knew I would go to college and I knew I wanted to attend a Christian school. As the only Christian in my family, it was difficult to tell my family, who are Buddhist, that I was going to a Christian University.

“Having to pay for college myself has also been a significant challenge. I am working two to three jobs to pay for my education, and without scholarships there is no way I could afford to go to Lipscomb. I plan on becoming a teacher through Teach for America at inner city high schools. Knowing I can provide for my family and possibly make a difference in a teenager’s life is what keeps me motivated to complete my degree despite the financial challenges.“

Taylor -- Class of 2015
Knoxville, TN

“I always knew I would attend college because I value education and love to learn.

I chose Lipscomb for the wonderful Christian environment and knowing that I would have people around me who share the same faith as me and can help me grow spiritually.

“Without the help of scholarships I would not have been able to attend Lipscomb. I am grateful to have the blessing of receiving that support. My goal in life is to serve others, and one way I plan to serve is by becoming a pharmacist. I plan to apply for Pharmacy school when I graduate.”

Shaman -- Class of 2014
Tehran, Iran

“I chose Lipscomb because it felt like home, and it just felt right.

Not only did Lipscomb feel right, but it also was the best choice financially. My twin brother also chose to attend Lipscomb, so my parents are faced with paying for college for both of us simultaneously on a minister’s income.

“I am motivated to complete my degree because I know the difference a college degree can make in my future. I want to better my life so that I can go on to help other people."

Zach -- Class of 2016
Memphis, TN