Learn about Lipscomb:Next

Our plans for the next five years are nothing if not ambitious. But that’s okay—we’ve got plenty of energy.


To accomplish our goals, we’ve mapped out a Lipscomb:Next agenda by the numbers. Here’s our plan:

Preserving and building the campus — $55,000,000

  • New nursing facility
  • McFarland Science Center renovation and expansion
  • Pharmacy research facility
  • Swang Business Center renovation and expansion
  • College of Education and conference center
  • Lipscomb campus school expansion
  • New and renovated residence halls
  • Library–Learning Commons
  • Lipscomb campus school athletics expansion
  • Intercollegiate athletics expansion

Programs that propel academic excellence — $43,400,000

  • Spiritual formation
  • Technology for teaching and learning
  • Community engagement and service learning
  • Faculty development
  • Student services and support
  • Cross-cultural and global experiences
  • Lipscomb campus school academic growth
  • Distinguished speaker series
  • Faculty and student research

Endowment — $20,000,000

  • Student scholarships to support recruiting
  • Chairs and professorships to retain top-notch faculty
  • Programs that promote innovation and creativity

Lipscomb Fund — $6,600,000

  • University’s areas of greatest need


Total — $125,000,000