Completed projects

Our Lipscomb:Next campaign is well underway, and as we go down our project list we will fill this page with completed projects.

Nursing and Health Sciences Center

This $8.5 million, 24,800-square-foot building is home to Lipscomb's School of Nursing and also provides facilities for other health science students. It includes the Health Simulation Laboratory, which features 19 state-of-the-art computerized mannequins that can display symptoms and treatment responses for wide a range of illnesses and wounds in an authentic hospital-like setting; a 14-station assessment skills lab that is be used to practice physical assessment and diagnostic skills and to learn immunization techniques, safety methods and CPR; bedside technology, collaborative learning spaces and more. The facility is so well-equipped that in the event of a disaster on campus or in the community it can be converted into a 30-bed triage and stabilization site for patients prior to being transported to higher levels of care. Classrooms and collaborative learning spaces are large enough to allow the rapidly growing nursing program to triple in size from about 30 student nurses per year to 100. The Class of 2014 includes 79 student nurses, an increase from 36 in the Class of 2013.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center 

The 15,000-square-foot facility opened in November 2013 and provides pharmacy and other health sciences students with the latest in technology and research environments. The building includes specialized laboratories and other environments that support learning and research in the natural, applied and pharmaceutical sciences at Lipscomb. It will also facilitate collaboration with other academic institutions, clinical research organizations and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in middle Tennessee. A large portion of the building is dedicated to individual faculty research bays with support rooms for biology and chemistry studies. “This new facility gives the university capabilities that we have never had before,” said Roger Davis, dean of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. “A new era of science research is beginning on this campus that builds on the significant science work that has been taking place at Lipscomb for decades.” 

Osman Family Fountain 

Students in the late 1970s and early 1980s conceived of, funded and even helped to build Bison Square, which has become the heart of the Lipscomb University campus. Osman Fountain was created with donor funding to honor the students’ vision by revitalizing the Square and positioning it as emblematic of Lipscomb’s spiritual mission. In addition to the constant reminder of the river of life, the fountain includes a baptistry where students may to commit their lives in faith in a special setting with other members of the Lipscomb family. The fountain is named in memory of Ty Osman II, son of Ty ('87) and Nancy ('86) Osman of Brentwood, Tenn. 

Student Activities Center

The Student Activities Center has been expanded and renovated as part of Lipscomb:Next. New locker rooms, restrooms and showers were relocated from their origin position near the entrance of the SAC to the back of McQuiddyGym, which has been incorporated into the SAC. The performance studio and weight room have also been expanded and significantly enhanced.