German Teaching Major

B.A. degree program

I. General Education Required of Secondary and K-12 Teacher Education Students (see page 170 at
II. Professional Education (see page 170 at
    A. Core Professional Education
    B. Specialized Professional Education
III. Subject Matter Specialization

Base Courses in German (GE) Hours
GE 1114 Elementary German I  3
GE 1124 Elementary German II 3
GE 2114 Intermediate German I  3
GE 2124 Intermediate German II  3
GE 3113 Advanced Grammar and Composition  3
GE 3123 Advanced Conversation and Phonentics  3
GE 3133 German Historical Culture  3
GE 4113 Survey of German Literature I 3
GE 4123 Survey of German Literature II  3

GE 452V

Travel in German-Speaking Countires 

  Specialized Professional Education  
GE 4514 Introduction to Teaching Foreign and Second Languages: Theory and Practice  4
GE 321V Intermediate Practicum in Foreign Language Teaching  1-3

*Offered in alternate years

Foreign language teaching majors have a built-in minor and are not required to take another minor.