German Major

B.A. degree program
Total hours required – 29

Base Courses in German (GE) Hours
GE 2114 Elementary German I  4
GE 2124 Elementary German II  4
GE 3113 Advanced Grammar and Composition  3
GE 3123 Advanced Conversation and Phonentics  3
  Fifteen hours selected from the following:  
GE 3133 German Historical Culture  3
GE 3143 Commercial German  3
GE 4A1V Independent Studies  1-5
GE 4113 Survey of German Literature I  3
GE 4123 Survey of German Literature II  3
GE 452V Travel in German-Speaking Countires  1-5
GE 4xnV Special Topics 1-5

*Offered in alternate years

Students majoring in German are encouraged to take courses in European History.

Students are also encouraged to take another foreign language (1114, 1124 sequence).

Before registering for any German class, students with previous study in German (high school or college) must take the department’s computerized placement test. This test, which takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes, will determine the proper level for you to begin your language study at Lipscomb. You must have a signed department form in order to complete registration.