Scholarships for Transfer Students

Students who have enrolled full-time at another college or university for one semester are more are considered transfer students. All transfer students are awarded based on their cumulative college GPA. A minimum of 3.0 is required. Scholarship renewal GPA's are checked at the end of the student's first semester at Lipscomb and each semester thereafter. The transfer scholarship awarding table can be seen below.

GPA Award
3.0 to 3.39 GPA $3,000
3.4 to 3.69 GPA $5,000
3.70 to 3.99 GPA $6,000
4.0 GPA $8,000

Community College Transfer Trustee Scholarship

Lipscomb University's Board of Trustees, in partnership with the Tennessee Board of Regents, will award eight full-tuition scholarships to students who transfer to Lipscomb from a Tennessee Community College.  Faculty and Staff at each of Tennessee's Community Colleges are able to nominate up to five students to apply and interview for this scholarship.   A 3.5 cumulative GPA is required upon entry to qualify, and the student must be enrolled full time in Lipscomb's traditional undergraduate program. Students must have thirty or more earned community college hours that are transferable to Lipscomb.  This award does not combine with any other Lipscomb institutional aid, but can be awarded in addition to Tennessee HOPE scholarship for on-campus students. If the student is eligible for the Tennessee HOPE scholarship and is living off-campus, HOPE will be included as a part of the full-tuition scholarship. Direct costs policies also apply. The scholarship requires a cumulative 3.25 at Lipscomb each semester for renewal.

General Community College Award

Students transferring from a community college into our traditional undergraduate program with at least 30 hours are eligible for the General Community College Award of $2,500 (yearly). This award is stackable with an academic scholarship, as well as the Phi Theta Kappa/National Society of Leadership award. Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA for scholarship renewal.

Phi Theta Kappa and National Society of Leadership

Students who provide official documentation of membership from Phi Theta Kappa or the National Society of Leadership and Success upon entering Lipscomb University will receive a $2,500 annual scholarship. This award can be combined with the Transfer Academic Scholarship as well as the General Community College Award. Students must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA each semester for renewal.

All USA Academic Scholars and Nominees

Members of Phi Theta Kappa, who are selected as All-USA Academic Scholars are eligible for a $15,000 Lipscomb scholarship.  All-USA Academic Nominees are eligible for a $12,500 Lipscomb scholarship.  Before an award can be applied, proof of Phi Theta Kappa membership is required. These awards do not combine with any other Lipscomb institutional aid. A cumulative GPA of 3.25 is required for renewal. 

*Other restrictions may apply to any of these scholarships listed above. To apply and to receive additional information about transferring and these above awards, please contact Aaron Burtch or Karla Chavez in the Office of Admissions at Lipscomb University. Applications and selection of recipients will be handled through the university's Admissions Office.

**Moving off campus can affect your financial aid. If you are considering moving off campus, please contact the Financial Aid Office to see if your scholarships will be affected.

Tennessee residents who received the HOPE Scholarship at their previous school must notify TSAC to transfer the HOPE scholarship to Lipscomb. All requirements for the HOPE scholarship can be found at

Please feel free to contact Maggie Kersten at or 615.966.6207 if you have any questions about your financial aid. We look forward to working with you to achieve your academic goals.