Family and Consumer Sciences Majors and Minors

Students majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences will each fulfill a set of core requirements as well as other course requirements for their particular concentration, including Consumer Sciences, Family Relations, Fashion Merchandising, and Textiles and Apparel.

Majors: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts

Total Hours: 40-67

Family and Consumer Sciences Major -
Consumer Sciences Concentration - 53-55 hours


Family and Consumer Sciences Major -
Family Relations Concentration - 40-42 hours

This concentration provides a background in child development and family studies. It provides the study of families across the family life cycle, from infant development through families in later adulthood, or aging.  Students can find careers in a variety of child and family service settings, advocacy and political action, education, government and international services. This program also serves as a strong preparation for graduate school, leading to professional roles in marital and family counseling, child development, family advocacy, agency leadership, aging services, higher education and business. The program emphasizes the prevention of family problems through education and intervention.  Students will be guided to "land" in one area of interest:  Children, adolescence, emerging adulthood, mid-life, or aging.

Many students are interested in careers as certified Child Life Specialists.  Students with such interests should follow the general Family Relations curriculum, but also take the emphasis for Child Life Specialists. The curriculum is designed to adhere to guidelines established by the National Council on Family Relations, as well as the recommendations from the Child Life Council.  

Family and Consumer Sciences Major -
Fashion Merchandising Concentration - 59-67 hours

This interdisciplinary program brings together courses from the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and the College of Business, to provide comprehensive training in all areas of the apparel industry. Track I is intended for students interested in the corporate retail environment while Track II is intended for students seeking opportunities in the small business environment. Topics covered include selection, design, construction, history, manufacturing and retail merchandising. Graduates will be well prepared for positions as buyers, consultants, coordinators or managers of clothing-related businesses.

Family and Consumer Sciences Major -
Textiles and Apparel Concentration - 37-39 hours

This program trains students in apparel manufacturing and design.


Family and Consumer Sciences Minor

Family and Consumer Sciences Minor - 18 hours

Family Studies Minor - 18-20 hours

Fashion Merchandising Minor - 18 hours

Interior Design Minor - 18 hours