Fashion Merchandising

The fashion merchandising concentration at Lipscomb is an interdisciplinary program involving Family and Consumer Sciences and courses from the College of Business. Students receiving training in all areas of the apparel industry, including selecting, design, construction, history, manufacturing, and retail merchandising. Required business courses satisfy the requirements for a distributive minor in the Department of Business Administration. Students are prepared for positions as buyers, consultants, coordinators, and managers of clothing-related businesses. The concentration in textiles and apparel prepares graduates for positions in related areas of apparel manufacturing, design, and wardrobing.

The Halston Collection

Lipscomb is fortunate to own an outstanding collection of garments, portfolios, patterns, and other memorabilia from the house of Halston. It is one of the finest collections of its type, and is an outstanding example of historical costumes from a 20th century designer. Halston designed garments and accessories for noted celebrities, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, Liza Manelli, and Lauren Becall. He also designed a number of theatrical costumes for use in Broadway stage productions. In the summer of 2005, parts of the collection were featured at the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art. Halston Fits America: Fashion and Innovation from the Collection of Lipscomb University.