Course Descriptions

Family and Consumer Sciences (FS)

1011 Professional Orientation (1) F
A study of the discipline as well as career opportunities within the related areas of specialization. Required of all majors; to be completed prior to declaration of major in the department.

1113 Clothing Construction (3) F, SP
Student acquires skills in garment construction, fitting techniques and use of construction equipment. Repeatable for up to six hours with permission of instructor. When repeated for credit, more advanced techniques and specialty fabrics are used. Lecture/lab class.

1323 Art Applied to Everyday Life (3) F, SP
Fundamental principles of design and color as they relate to interior design and fashion.

2113 Textiles (3) SP
Natural and man-made fibers and their development into yarns and finished fabrics. Physical properties, uses and care of fabrics.

2133 Interior Design I (3) F
A study of space requirements, using the systems approach, with attention given to architectural styles, construction, and the reading, judging and drawing of house plans. Prerequisite: Family and Consumer Sciences 1323.

2143 Interior Design II (3) SP
Study of the basic components of an interior including wall, floor, window treatment, lighting, furniture arranging, accessories, fabric selection and planning and designing limited and complex living spaces. Prerequisite: Family and Consumer Sciences 2133.

2413 Early Childhood Development (3) F
A basic study of the development from the prenatal period through the first seven years as well as the environment that facilitates a child’s physical, social and emotional maturity during this period. Scheduled observations of young children are required.

3103 History of Costume (3) F
Survey of the development of clothing from ancient civilization through the 19th century. Specific styles, as well as social, psychological and economic aspects of clothing are covered.

3113 Fashion Buying and Merchandising (3) SP
Fundamental study of the fiscal management and profitability of the contemporary retail environment. Considerable study will be dedicated to the structure of the retail industry, quantitative procedures for planning and analyzing sales, inventories and profits. Emphasis is placed on pricing and purchasing retail inventories.

3123 Display and Promotion (3) F
A study to facilitate an understanding of the essentials of visual merchandising and its relationship to the buying, selling and marketing of retail merchandise. An understanding of design, lighting and materials is developed. Students will gain hands-on experience in visual display and fashion show production.

3133 Flat Pattern Design (3) SP
Offered odd-numbered years
The flat pattern method of making patterns. Half-scale patterns are used for learning purposes. A full-scale sloper is made for the individual and a garment is designed. Prerequisite: Family and Consumer Sciences 1113.

3143 20th Century Fashion (3) SP
This course will examine the history of fashion from the U.S., Europe, Asia and other influential countries from 1898 to the present. A comprehensive study will be explored for the social, economic and technological themes that helped shape each era.

315V Interior Fabrications (1,2,3) SP Offered even-numbered years
Student acquires skills in construction of pillows, window treatments, and bed and bath items. Student completes samples as well as finished products. Prerequisite: Family and Consumer Sciences 1113 or permission of instructor. Lecture/lab class.

3323 Materials and Resources for Interior Design (3) SP
Study of current products and resources available to interior designers. Includes a supervised sponsored trip to a major market. Trip expenses are not included in tuition.

3413 Children in Health Care (3) F
Instruction on techniques used to help minimize the potential negative impact of the health care environment on children’s development. Includes the establishment of supportive relationships with families, assessment skills for child life specialists, psychological preparation, medical play, planning, and adaptation of therapeutic and diversionary activities, coping techniques and the use of language in communicating effectively with children and practicing family-centered care within a team of professionals. Prerequisite: FS 2413.

3423 Foundation and Theory of Child Life Practice (3) SP
Basic introduction to the theory, history and scope of child life practice, including the development of the profession and the current role as a member of the multidisciplinary health care team.

3433 Family Interaction (3) SP Offered even-numbered years
A review of trends and research in family relationships as well as related models and programs.

3451 Nursery School Practicum (1) Offered on demand
Observation and participation in the guidance of children in the nursery school. Prerequisites: Family and Consumer Science 2413.

3503 Family Problems (3) SP
A study of family difficulties and development with emphasis placed on the understanding of family dysfunction through the application of systems theory.

3513 Family Resource Management (3) SP
Management of family resources as they relate to satisfying family and life needs.

3523 Family Life Education (3) F
The general philosophy and broad principles of family life education in conjunction with the ability to plan, implement, and evaluate such educational programs. This class content is designed to meet competencies of the National Council on Family Relations Certified Family Life Education program.

37nV Special Topics (1, 2, 3)
Topics of special interest to students and faculty which do not fit one of the current classifications. Students may repeat this course when course numbers are different. These courses are advanced and are intended for students genuinely interested in their content. Permission of the professor may be required. Specific titles will be announced in the course schedule.

400V Travel (1, 2, 3) SP
Offers opportunity to gain experiential knowledge about specific areas of specialization within family and consumer sciences. Repeatable up to six hours with chair approval.?

401V Independent Study and Research (1, 2, 3) Offered on demand
Advanced study or research in a specific area of family and consumer sciences. Prerequisites: Courses in the area in which independent study is to be done and with the approval of the academic chair. Open to juniors and seniors only. This course may satisfy the SALT Tier II requirement.

404V Internship in Family and Consumer Science (1, 2, 3) Offered on Demand
Supervised field work in an institution or agency that has an established program or purpose to provide services to individuals or families in an area related to the student’s chosen area of concentration. The student observes, works and contributes to the typical operation of the particular setting. Prearranged and supervised experience must be completed during one term, with regularly scheduled meetings with the instructor and/or supervisor. To be taken in the junior or senior year, after completing a minimum of nine upper-division hours in the concentration. May be repeated for up to 6 hours credit. This course may satisfy the SALT Tier II requirement.

4092 Senior Seminar (2) SP
Comprehensive survey, current trends and projects in the various areas of family and consumer sciences. Prerequisites: Declared major in Family & Consumer Sciences, completion of professional orientation and senior standing.

4113 Fashion Industry (3) F
A study of contemporary design, designers and trends in the fashion industry. This course gives a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the fashion industry including women’s, men’s, accessories and home. Emphasis is placed on product development and the role of technology and globalization. Suitable for non-majors.

4403 Families in Later Adulthood (3) F
A study of aging within the context of a family system. Addresses demographic trends; influences on families; role changes of family members; intergenerational relationships; economic, political and social policy affecting family life; and cultural variations and supportive resources for older persons and their families. Also explores career options in working with families and aging individuals.

4423 Development in Middle Childhood and Adolescence (3) SP Offered odd-numbered years
A study of the psychomotor, socio-emotional and cognitive-language development of children from eight to twelve years in the context of their interaction with peers, adults and the culture.