Alumni Spotlight

Katie Tenery Lipscomb

I graduated from Lipscomb in May 2004 with a degree in Family Relations. I was not quite sure what I wanted to do once I graduated, but I knew I wanted to work with children. I began researching and learned more about professional school counseling. I decided to go on and get my Master's degree in Education with a concentration in School Counseling from Middle Tennessee State University. I am about to graduate and over the past three years, I have benefited a great deal from the courses I took during my time at Lipscomb in the Family Relations program. As a school counselor I will come in contact each day with students of all ages and their families as well. My background in child development and family studies will help so much in knowing how to best help the students that I serve. I have loved my internship experiences in the schools and am very excited about being a school counselor. Each day I have the opportunity to help students grow not only academically, but personally and socially by teaching life skills and helping them grow in character.

Niki Dragomire Johnson

After graduating from Lipscomb I was able to pursue several great opportunities related to my major field: Family Relations. I have worked for the Tennessee Department of Children Services as a case manager. I held several positions, but I worked mostly however with families and their children. I conducted meetings called Child and Family Team Meetings. This is when a group of all the most important people in the child or parents lives attends and we talk about issues involving family members. I also did trainings for my co-workers on Child and Family Team Meetings. From the Department I went to work for Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) which is through the Department of Education. There I worked as a service coordinator where I determined whether children whom were referred to me were eligible for services. I then arranged for services based on a plan that is developed by the family and all others involved. I currently work for the State of Tennessee with Tennessee Infant Parent Services. This program goes hand and hand with TEIS. My title is called a parent advisor. I do home visits with babies and their families from birth to three that have a special need. I develop lesson plans based on their need and share that information with the parents at the visit. The visits are conducted once a week for one hour. The goal is to teach the parents to incorporate the activities shared for their chid in their daily rountines. It is a very rewarding and sometimes challenging job. However I love getting to know the families and the babies and try very hard to help assist in the development of children.

Beth Hammond

BethHammondI am from Atlanta, GA, and am currently working as a Children's Minister at Farmer's Branch Church of Christ, in Farmer's Branch, TX, a suburb of Dallas. I graduated from Lipscomb in 2004. I selected Family Relations major the middle of my junior year. It was the best choice that I made in my college career. I had always known that I wanted to be a Children's Minister, and I wanted to be involved in a program in college that would give me practical skills to be able to work with kids and their parents. Now that I am working with children and families, I find that I depend on things that I have learned in all of my classes. Our main purpose at the church is to supplement parents in their attempt to show Christ in the lives of their children. We try to provide resources and ideas for parents to teach the Bible at home. We have found that most parents want to be able to do this, but not everyone knows how, or where to start. I love my work, and I appreciate the training I received at Lipscomb.

Jon Micah Richardson

JonMicahRichAfter seven years of Family Life and Youth Ministry serving the Northside church of Christ in Nashville, TN, I recently moved to work with the youth and families in the student ministry at Madison Church of Christ in Madison, TN. Leading up to this position, some of the best advice I received was "don't do anything stupid." So far, it is some of the best advice I have ever been given. In college, the best preparation I received was found in the Department of Family Consumer Science at Lipscomb. The teachers helped me understand just how important the "family" is (in a global perspective), especially when it comes to understanding the families I influence. I am a resource to the families I serve and it is my job to be well equipped by understanding the issues with which they are dealing. Prevention of problems can only be made for generations to come. Lipscomb's Department of Family Consumer Sciences is doing its part to challenge and prepare students for understanding the problems faced by individuals, families, and equipping students to work to support them.