Course Descriptions

Entrepreneurship Minor

ENT 2503  An Entrepreneur's Introduction to Business (3) F, SP
This foundation course introduces students to business by taking an entrepreneurial perspective to the pursuit of value-creating opportunities. The course examines the entrepreneur's approach to life, including business creation and leadership, approach to innovation and creativity, and the knowledge and skills necessary for these approaches to create value. Students will be able to recognize and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities. At the end of the course, they will develop a business model for one of those opportunities and understand how that business model can apply to all business endeavors.

ENT 3543  Marketing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise (3) - F
Focuses on introducing new products or services to the marketplace, marketing those products and services in an environment of limited resources, and developing marketing processes for growing firms. Students will be able to craft marketing strategies for all stages of enterprise development and be able to implement those strategies in the most resource-efficient manner. At the end of this course, they will develop a marketing plan for a start-up venture that has limited resources. Prerequisite: ENT 2503 or LJS 3513.

ENT 4403  Financial Management of the Entrepreneurial Enterprise (3) - F
Focuses on the flow of cash through an entrepreneurial enterprise as the foundation for understanding the basics of accounting and finance. The course explores the sourcing and conservation of the financial resources the firm needs to be successful. Students, many of whom will not have a background in accounting and finance, will explore the practical business implications gained from financial statements and will learn how to manage the firm’s finances to create the best possibility for long-term success. At the end of the course, they will develop a three year financial plan for a start-up venture and determine how to garner the resources needed to start the venture. Prerequisite: ENT 2503 or LJS 3513.

ENT 4453  Managing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise (3) - F, SP
Focuses on the business processes that an entrepreneurial enterprise needs to implement at start up and on the approach to maturing these processes as the enterprise grows. The course emphasizes human resources processes and surveys legal, operations, technology, and service processes that a successful firm must practice. Students will explore which human resources should be employees of the firm and which the firm should outsource, will understand various approaches to compensation and employee organization, and will be able to determine the appropriate legal structure for an entrepreneurial venture. At the end of the course, they will develop an organizational plan for a growing firm through its first three years of existence. Prerequisite: ENT 2503 or LJS 3513.

ENT 4543 Special Topics (3)
This course is designed to quickly respond to ever-changing demands of business by housing one time course offering that will not likely be frequently repeated.


Entrepreneurship Concentration in the Management Major

LJS 3513  The Social Enterprise - F, SP
This course focuses on utilizing entrepreneurial approaches to address global challenges. Socio-legal students will be challenged to think creatively about potential solutions to public challenges; entrepreneurial inclined students will be challenged to analyze rigorously the economic, social and political context that defines entrepreneurial opportunity. All students will design a social enterprise and devise approaches for assessing its impact. Skills developed in the course will enable students to act as effective leaders of change effected both through new ventures and through existing for-profit, nonprofit and government institutions.

ENT 390V  Entrepreneurial Internship (3)
Provides students with direct experience in an entrepreneurial environment. Students will demonstrate entrepreneurial ability by sourcing an internship that is approved. (Appropriate internships can be with established or start-up firms in either the for-profit or social sectors. In addition, legitimate student start-up businesses can be appropriate for this internship. In certain circumstances, student entrepreneurs can form teams for this internship. In a team approach, each team member must complete the work hours requirement.) At the end of this course, students will have the experience necessary to be successful in the entrepreneurship capstone course. Prerequisite: ENT 2503 or LJS 3513 and senior standing.

ENT 401V Independent Study in Management (1-3) F, SP, SU
Independent research of primary and secondary data in a selected topic-topic title to be approved by major professor. Prerequisites: Advanced standing, proven research ability, and approval of academic chair. Repeatable for a maximum of six hours.

ENT 4503  Seminar in Strategy and Business Planning for the Entrepreneurial Enterprise (3) - F, SP
This capstone seminar provides an intensive experiential opportunity to develop a for-profit or social entrepreneurial enterprise business plan. During the seminar, faculty will work with students to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and will lead them in developing a detailed business plan to address that opportunity. At the end of the course, students will have an actionable business plan reviewed by outside advisors. Prerequisite: ENT 2503 or LJS 3513; and senior standing.