“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.”

Bill Drayton

The inaugural Business for Good Competition was a great success last year.  We had 38 business models submitted. Five social enterprises went through the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s accelerator program this summer culminating with the social enterprise funder’s day.  A few of the social enterprise have already received funding and others expect to in the near future. This year we plan to expand the competition through our partnership with the Sullivan Foundation. Presently in 65 colleges around the American South, the Sullivan foundation awards scholarships to deserving students, based solely on the student’s commitment to service.

The Business for Good competition will provide potential and serial social entrepreneurs with a unique forum for submitting novel ideas to solve various social problems.  Every team or individual that submits will potentially have an opportunity to pitch their idea to an audience of Nashville’s most successful entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and university faculty for seed funding, incubation space, website/branding services, legal and technical assistance, and other great awards. 


This competition is focused on the business idea and model; the social problem, the social entrepreneur’s solution, the competitive market, and the overall business model. Social entrepreneurs are not expected at any stage of this competition to submit a complete business plan and financial model.

Criteria for Teams

Eligibility to compete in Nashville’s Social Entrepreneurship Business Model Competition is subject to the following criteria:

1. Teams must be comprised of between 1 and five members

2. Teams may submit more than 1 entry.  However, only 1 entry per team will be selected for advancement to the semi-finals.


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