Undergraduate Programs

The educational objective of each of our undergraduate programs is to prepare and produce graduates who are equipped with the tools and attitudes to be successful in:

1.  The practice of engineering by:

  • maturing as professionals employed in industrial, governmental, educational or consulting positions with ever-increasing responsibilities and influence;
  • being recognized as individuals whose interaction with their employers, coworkers and neighbors is characterized as considerate, moral and ethical;

2. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills by:

  • earning advanced degrees in engineering and related fields;
  • actively participating in ongoing professional development;
  • refining and adapting their fundamental skills to keep pace with a rapidly changing environment;

3. The application of their talents to serving others by:

  • being actively engaged in programs and initiatives which leverage their engineering competence and other skills in ways beneficial to their community, their church, their profession and society as a whole.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Learn how to build electronic circuits, design components of a computer, and program in a variety of languages

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Learn aerodynamics, structural and machine design from teachers with real-world experience

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Learn how to design buildings, bridges, dams, roads, water systems, water and wastewater treatment plants, drainage systems, etc