Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. A. Fort Gwinn, Professor and Chair
Dr. Kerry Patterson, Associate Professor
Dr. Richard Gregory, Associate Professor

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for the curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Mechanical Engineering provides a broad program of study covering a wide range of topics in thermal and mechanical systems. The degree program in Mechanical Engineering Mechanics is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). View our Enrollment and Graduation Data.

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Educational Objectives for Mechanical Engineering

The educational objectives of the Mechanical Engineering program at Lipscomb University are to produce graduates who will be successful in:

  1. The practice of engineering as:
    • maturing professionals employed in industrial, governmental, educational or consulting positions with ever increasing responsibilities and influence;
    • individuals whose interaction with their employers, coworkers, and neighbors is characterized as considerate, moral, and ethical;
  2. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills by:
    • pursuing advanced degrees in engineering or related fields;
    • actively participating in ongoing professional development
    • refining and adapting their fundamental skills to keep pace with a rapidly changing environment
  3. The application of their talents to serving others by;
    • active engagement in programs and initiatives which leverage their engineering competence and other skills in ways beneficial to their community, their church, their profession, and society as a whole.