About Us

From the Dean...

Thank you for your interest in Lipscomb University and the Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering!

At its very core, an engineer is in the business of making people’s lives better.  By understanding need.  Solving problems.  Offering better solutions or new solutions. Protecting safety, wellbeing, and more.

This intimate relationship between the profession and people is why we believe Lipscomb offers an unusual, and unusually advantageous, engineering education – students here not only get a superior background in the academics of engineering, but they are taught in a faith-based environment where sensitivity to people and their needs is paramount.

Upon graduation, your resume will show how well you know your craft, because chances are it will show experience in constructing water projects in Honduras or building bridges in Guatemala or one of several significant hands-on engineering projects done by the college students each year that show you not only have the grade point average, but you actually did the work you say you've learned.

Yes, our graduates are well prepared. In fact, we require all our seniors to take licensing exams not typically required by colleges because it puts their ratings at risk. No worries here. We have had a 10-year pass rate on the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam averaging 93 percent while the national average has been in the upper 70s.

Additionally, our graduate program in engineering management is the only one of its kind in the area that is preparing and developing technical people to be our area's future engineering management leaders.

Come join us. Small classes, individual faculty attention! The world needs more faithful problem solvers.

Justin Myrick, Ph.D.
Dean, Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering