Summer 2013

Lipscomb Academy believes that lifelong learners are also lifelong readers and mathematicians. The summer reading requirement is intended to promote the idea that reading should be ongoing in a person’s life, and not an activity that ends with the school year. The summer reading program ensures that students are continuing to experience high quality literature between grade levels, and it provides a common reading experience on which teachers may draw upon at the start of the school.

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In like manner, summer math is also intended to promote mathematical thinking beyond the school year.  Common sense tells us that continued practice keeps students’ minds fresh and primed for the upcoming year.  Now current research backs this up.  A recent study cited “the number of mathematical activities completed in the summer were related to increased post-test scores.”  In other words, those students who completed math summer activities significantly increased concept and skill retention.  To best prepare students for the next grade level LAES’s teachers have provided grade level math packets online.  These math packets are optional.  Any student who completes the math packet should turn it in to his/her teacher on the first day of school. 


Rising 1st Grade Math

Rising 2nd Grade Math

Rising 3rd Grade Math

Rising 4th Grade Math