Frequently Asked Questions

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Lipscomb University and Teach for America--2013 Corps

General Partnership Questions

1.  What is my tuition discount based on the TFA-Lipscomb partnership? 

You will receive 34% off of the regular tuition rate.  For 2013-14, your tuition cost is $570.90 a credit hour. 

2.  Does this tuition discount only apply to licensure courses or does it apply to all of the M.Ed. courses?

This tuition discount applies to all licensure and M.Ed. courses for two years from when you start in fall 2013. 

3.  Once I have completed my two-year contract with TFA, can I still receive the TFA-Lipscomb discount for additional courses to complete an M.Ed.?

If you decide to return to complete your license or M.Ed. past the two years from your start date, you may receive the TFA discount rate approved at that time.  You can receive the TFA discount rate approved upon your readmission for up to five years from your initial start date with TFA.  It is ideal and recommended that you complete your license and/or M.Ed. in two years from your TFA start date.

4.  What discount would I receive if I chose to pursue an Ed.S. or Ed.D. at Lipscomb?

You may receive the already approved College of Education discounts for these two degrees. Currently, if you are an in-service teacher, the college offers a discount of 20% off of the regular tuition rate for both the Ed.S. and Ed.D. programs.

Licensure Questions

1.  What if I am on a transitional teaching license in a subject or grade range based on my TFA school placement in which I do not want to pursue a full teaching license?  How can I pursue a different license?

You will need to pursue a license in the area in which you are teaching as your initial license.  If you are interested in another licensure area, we can determine what requirements are necessary for your area of interest in an individual advising session.

2.   How can I pursue more than one licensure area?

If you are on any 7-12 transitional license, you will need to complete all of the requirements for licensure for this initial 7-12 license. If you demonstrate subject-area mastery in another 7-12 field of study by passing the Praxis II in that field, you can apply for an additional license directly to the state of Tennessee.