News and Events

  • The College of Education will host "Ignite: Get Switched on to Technology" on September 7th, 2013. This free, fast-paced unconference will showcase some of the newest classroom technology available, along with other classroom-ready technology tools.  Check out more information here
  • According to the Tennessee Teacher Preparation Program Report Card, Lipscomb has consistently been at the very top of all teacher education programs in Tennessee for each of the past four years since the first report was published.  In November 2011, the Tennessee Teacher Preparation Program Report Card cited Lipscomb as the best university preparation program in the state when comparing the school’s graduates with veteran teachers.  Lipscomb’s College of Education graduates demonstrated the most significant results in Algebra I, reading and language arts, and science. 
  • The College of Education is intimately engaged as the professional development provider in the first public school to charter school transformation in the state. After being actively sought and then awarded the partnership in 2010, Lipscomb is in year two of the innovative transformation partnership with Nashville’s under-performing Cameron Middle School as it transitions to a charter school. The Cameron partnership showcases the College’s ability to train an entire in-service faculty in best teaching practices focused on raising achievement for all students in a low-performing school. The partnership is creating a nationally-recognized body of research on embedded professional development and instructional coaching for P-12 schools and is drawing strong regional and national interest. The Tennessee Value Added Assessment System (TVAAS) scores provide strong evidence that Cameron Middle School students have made significant improvements in math and reading after just one year of personalized, on-site professional development for Cameron teachers provided by Lipscomb University (see appendix).
  • The College is routinely called upon to provide professional development sessions and mentoring across the state. Of note, college leadership and faculty have provided professional development to both urban and rural school districts as well as private schools in practice-based content such as using the standards for instruction, classroom management, inclusion, reading in the content areas, and various content and pedagogical topics.
  • Lipscomb partners with Teach for America as a host institute for licensure and master’s programming. The College of Education proactively assists TFA with all needs, including speaking to community partners and possible donors about the benefits of TFA to our local schools.   
  • Lipscomb recently partnered with Metro-Nashville Public Schools to train over 130 teachers in best practices for educating English-language learners after competing with area universities for the opportunity.  Lipscomb was chosen based on its expertise and ability to deliver quality programming in a customer-friendly schedule.
  • The College of Education has received more than $2 million dollars of competitive grant monies to strengthen current P-12 math and science instruction for local in-service teachers, and partnering with local schools to provide exceptional professional development over the past few years.
  • The Nashville Chamber of Commerce has joined with Lipscomb’s College of Education to coordinate its Education 2020 Speaker Series with the College’s well-respected Teaching, Learning and Leading Forum.  Since August 2011, over 450 people have attended three co-planned and hosted events, including a lunch with Margaret Spellings, a charter school event and an education reform talk from a well-known Boston College professor and writer. 
  • The Ayers Foundation has selected Lipscomb as the recipient of a $1 million gift to support its College of Education’s strategic plan to establish an institute that serves the teachers of the State of Tennessee.