Ayers Leadership Fellow District Engagement Overview

How can your district participate in the Ayers Leadership Fellows program?

Teachers in your district can apply for the fellowship by completing an application to either the Master of Education (M.Ed.) or Education Specialist (Ed.S.) program in Educational Leadership at Lipscomb University and by submitting an Ayers Leadership Fellow scholarship application form. In the application form, candidates must outline in detail the partnership proposal for using the Ayers Leadership Fellow position within your district.

What, at a minimum, must the partnership look like for your district?

At a minimum, we require that your district give a recommendation for the candidate who is applying to be an Ayers Leadership Fellow. Fellows will also need at least one day of release time per semester (two days in a school year) to engage in field experiences with mentors.

What, ideally, could the partnership look like for your district?

The possibilities are endless for this innovative, highly personalized leadership opportunity. A few ways your district can leverage an Ayers Leadership Fellow and improve the likelihood of your selection:

  • Funding: Ideally, we would prefer that districts agree to financially invest in their Ayers Fellows by funding 12 percent of the program tuition. This would cover approximately $3,500 of the tuition for the program, and would combine with the investments from the Ayers Foundation and Lipscomb University to offer a full 50 percent scholarship to the fellows.
  • Full-time leadership position or release time:
    • Ayers Leadership Fellows could be offered more release time than the two day minimum to cultivate leadership skills and meet a variety of leadership and innovation needs
    • This opportunity could be leveraged to offer a full year of release time to your district’s fellow, using them for district needs and research
    • Fellows can be assigned to a leadership position within the district during the program
  • Mentorship: Each fellow will engage in a formalized mentoring relationship with a current principal. It is required that mentors be practicing administrators, and we prefer that the mentor be in the same district as the fellow. Lipscomb will pay each mentor a stipend for facilitating coaching and mentorship experiences with the fellow.
  • Leadership building experiences: Throughout the program, your fellow will participate in a variety of field experiences. Each district can personalize these experiences to maximize their own strategic initiatives and meet course requirements.
  • Other innovative opportunities: The Ayers Foundation and Lipscomb intend this opportunity to benefit both the fellow and the district. We encourage you to be creative and strategic in designing a partnership that works best for you and your students.

How do we formalize the partnership we would like to offer a candidate for the Ayers Leadership Fellows program?

Each scholarship application form will be signed by the district superintendent, director of schools or by an appointed certifying school official. Upon selection as a fellow, the proposals outlined will be considered, approved and formalized. We ask that the proposals be specific and outline the ways that your district will maximize this opportunity for growth and innovation and to the benefit of students.