Benjamin W. Heineman, Jr. 


Hear Mr. Heinman's address at the Dean Insitutue's inguaural luncheon.


Mr. Heineman, retired global Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the General Electric Company, has become well known throughout corporate America as the nation’s leading scholar on how corporations can achieve cultures of both high performance and high integrity. While at GE, he led a worldwide effort by the company to make business unit leaders accountable for both profits and integrity.

He chronicled what he and GE learned from their experiences in his seminal 2005 article in the Harvard Business Review, “Avoiding Integrity Land Mines.” This has now been followed with the publication of his new book, High Performance With High Integrity. Following his retirement from GE, he became a Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, a Distinguished Fellow at the Program on the Legal Profession at the Harvard Law School, and a Senior Advisor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He is a founder of Transparency International, a worldwide organization that fights corruption in both business and government in nations around the globe.

His scholarly work has focused on practical, useable, and measurable techniques that companies, both large and small, can use to create cultures of performance and integrity without sacrificing either.