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Sarah Coakley

American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature Meeting

November 21, 2014 in San Diego

Sarah CoakleyProfessor Sarah Coakley is a highly acclaimed theologian and currently holds the position of Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at Cambridge. She has previously held positions at the Universities of Lancaster, Oxford, and Harvard, and a visiting professorship at Princeton. She has been awarded honorary degrees by the University of Lund and General Theological Seminary, New York. In 2012, Coakley delivered the Gifford Lectures in Aberdeen on the topic “Sacrifice Regained: Evolution, Cooperation and God.” In 2012 she was also elected a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. She currently chairs a series of annual symposia funded by the McDonald Agape Foundation on major topics in theological ethics, with the papers published in Studies in Christian Ethics. She is the author of several books including The New Asceticism: Sexuality, Gender and the Quest for God (London, Continuum, 2013), Powers and Submissions: Spirituality, Philosophy and Gender (Oxford, Blackwell, 2002), and Christ without Absolute: A Study of the Christology of Ernst Troeltsch (Oxford, O.U.P. 1988) in addition to many other edited works and journal articles.

At the invitation of the CSC, Sarah Coakley will present at the annual American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature Meeting: "Sarah Coakley Engages the Churches of Christ: Theology in via." She brings serious scholarship, pastoral sensibility, and cultural awareness into a provocative conversation with Churches of Christ. With keen sensitivity to this particular Christian tradition, Professor Coakley suggests a "more excellent way" of conceiving the task of theology than two false and popular alternatives (secularism versus fideism).