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Christian Scholars' Conference

2017 Sessions

Updated February 21, 2017

“Major Book Review: Reading Acts in the Twenty-First Century: A Panel Review of Carl R. Holladay’s Acts: A Commentary,” Gregory E. Sterling, Yale University, Convener

  • John T. Fitzgerald, University of Notre Dame, Panelist
  • Dale Pauls, Stamford Church of Christ, Panelist
  • Margaret Mitchell, University of Chicago, Panelist
  • Carl R. Holladay, Emory University, Respondent

“Of Limits and Demands of Christian Historiography,” Richard Goode, Lipscomb University, Convener

  •  Todd MBrenneman, Faulkner University
  • Jay Green, Covenant College
  • George Marsden, University of Notre Dame
  • Darlene Rivas, Pepperdine University
  • Nathaniel Wiewora, Harding University

"How We Remember and How We Forget: The Neuroscience of Memory and Some Applications," Nicholas J. Zola, Pepperdine University, Convener

  • Stuart M. Zola, Emory University, Presenter
  • Rafael Rodriguez, Johnson University, Respondent
  • William Lofton Turner, Lipscomb University, Respondent
  • Stella Ernest, Pepperdine University, Respondent

The 3rd Annual J. J. M. Roberts Lecture in Old Testament Studies: 

"Making Moral Agents in Biblical Israel: Alternative Strategies for Alternative Visions," Carol Newsom, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

The fourth annual Everett Ferguson Lecture in Early Christian Studies: “John Chrysostom on Love, Marriage and Magic: Assessing the Evidence of a Previously Untranslated Homily (hom. in 1 Cor 7:2),” Margaret M. Mitchell, University of Chicago. Trevor Thompson, University of Chicago, Convener

“Lecture and Discussion with Margaret M. Mitchell, Shailer Mathews Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature, University of Chicago Divinity School,” Trevor W. Thompson, University of Chicago, Convener

  • Margaret M. Mitchell, University of Chicago Divinity School, “Tiny Text, Great Advantage: John Chrysostom on Rom 16:3 and the Defense of the Trivial in Scripture”

 “Women Beyond Ministry: Celebrating the Vocational Journeys of Women in Higher Education,” Cari Myers, Pepperdine University, Convener

  • Anessa Westbrook, Harding University’
  • Micki PulleyKing, Missouri State University
  • Shannon Clarke Raines, Lubbock Christian University
  • Jeanene Reese, Abilene Christian University
  • Amanda Pittman, Abilene Christian University

“Integration of Faith, Learning and Clinical Practice in Health Science Programs,” Leah I. Fullman, Faulkner University, Convener

  • Roger Davis, College of Pharmacy, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Susan Kehl, Carr College of Nursing, Harding University, Panelist
  • Jennifer Gray, College of Natural and Health Science, Oklahoma Christian University, Panelist
  • Leah I. Fullman, Speech Language Pathology, Faulkner University

?“Memoir and Vision for the Church, Session I,” Gayle Crowe, World Christian Broadcasting, Convener

  • Andrew J. Hairston, Minister, Simpson St. Church of Christ, Atlanta, GA.  Doctor of Ministry degree from Emory.  In Liberia, founded the Wells-Hariston Elementary/High School System.  Retired Chief Judge of the City Court of Atlanta, Panelist.
  • Thomas H. Olbricht.  Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Religion at Pepperdine University.  Educated at Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Harvard Divinity School.  Written and/or edited twenty five books.  Started preaching almost 70 years ago. Founder of the Christian Scholars’ Conference, Panelist.
  • Robert Randolph. Retired in 2016 after 37 years at MIT serving as Dean in Residence, Senior Associate Dean for Student life, and Chaplain to the Institute. He and Jan have been active in the Brookline Church of Christ for nearly 50 years,  Panelist.
  • Jason Fikes, Director, ACU Press, Respondent.

“Memoir and Vision for the Church, Session II,” Gayle Crowe, World Christian Broadcasting, Convener

  • Lynn Anderson.  Retired in San Antonio.  Founded Hope Network Ministries.  Author of thirteen books, Panelist.
  • Richard Hughes.  Professor Emeritus at both Pepperdine University and Messiah College.  Currently Scholar in Residence in the College of Bible and Ministry at Lipscomb University. Author, co-author, or editor of seventeen books, Panelist
  • Gail Hopkins.  After a 14-year career in professional baseball (White Sox, Royals, Dodgers and in Japan), Gail completed a Ph.D. at the Illinois Institute of Technology, an M.D. in orthopedics from Rush Medical College, and an M.Div. from the United Theological Seminary
  • Jason Fikes, Director, ACU Press, Respondent.

“A Theology of Transgender,” Ken Cukrowski, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Dan Brannan, Abilene Christian University (Biology), Panelist
  • Chris Doran, Pepperdine University (Theology), Panelist
  • Chris Riley, Abilene Christian University (Student Life; Law), Panelist
  • Sara Blakeslee Salkil, Abilene Christian University (Marriage and Family), Panelist
  • Ken Cukrowski, Abilene Christian University (Scripture), Panelist

“Major Book Review: Chris Doran, Hope in the Age of Climate Change: Creation Care this Side of the Resurrection, Wipf & Stock, 2017, G. Dodd Galbreath, Lipscomb University, Convener.

  • Emily Stutzman Jones, Lipscomb University, Reviewer
  • Dave Bland, Harding School of Theology, Reviewer
  • Heather Bennett, Blessed Earth, Reviewer
  • Chris Doran, Pepperdine University, Respondent

“Missional Theology and the Future of the US Church,” Greg McKinzie, Fuller Theological Seminary, Convener

  • Spencer Bogle, Independent Scholar, “Missional Theology as Economic Enterprise”
  • Ron Clark, Agape Church of Christ/Portland Seminary, “Agape: Creating Missional Partnerships to Lead Community Shalom, Justice, and Healing”
  • Steven Hovater, The Church of Christ at Cedar Lane, Tullahoma, TN, “Youth Outreach and Missional Ecclesiology: Listening to Those at the Church’s Boundary”

“Faculty Hiring in the 21st Century:  Trends and Perspectives from the Front Lines,” Gregory Straughn, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Susan Blassingame, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Education, Lubbock Christian University
  • Scott LaMascus, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Oklahoma Christian University
  • Rick Marrs, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Pepperdine University
  • Fortune Mhlanga, Director of School of Computing and Informatics, Lipscomb University
  • Kathy Pulley, Professor of Religious Studies, Missouri State University
  • Gregory Straughn, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Abilene Christian University
  • Marty Spears, Provost, Harding University

“Towards a Comprehensive Church Health Assessment:  Development, Implementation, and Usability,” Suzie Macaluso, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Carley Dood, Abilene Christian University
  • Suzie Macaluso, Abilene Christian University
  • Carson Reed, Abilene Christian University
  • Candace Nicolds, Minter Lane Church of Christ

“Beyond Rage and Nostalgia: Divine and Human Memory in Christian Political Thought: A Plenary Talk Back with Shaun Casey,” Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Shaun Casey, Berkley Center, Georgetown University, Panelist
  • Randy Spivey, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, Panelist

"The Book of Job in Its World and Ours: A Dialogue," Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Carol Newsom, Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Panelist
  • Choon-leong Seow, Vanderbilt Divinity School, Panelist
  • James L. Crenshaw, Duke Divinity School, Emeritus, Panelist

“Major Book Review: W. David Baird, Quest for Distinction: Pepperdine University in the 20th Century, Pepperdine University Press, 2016,” Scott Billingsley, University of North Carolina Pembroke, Convener

  • George Marsden, University of Notre Dame, Emeritus, Reviewer
  • Loretta Hunnicutt, Pepperdine University, Reviewer
  • Jack Scott, Claremont Graduate School, Reviewer
  • W. David Baird, Pepperdine University, Respondent 

“Current Trends in Homiletics: Conversations in Theory and Practice,” Tim Sensing, Abilene Christian University, and Mason Lee, Princeton Theological Seminary, Co-Conveners

  • David Schnasa Jacobsen, Boston University School of Theology, “The Practice of Homiletical Theology in a Confessional Mode:  Preaching as a Theological Act”
  • Yohan Go, Boston University School of Theology, “Homiletics as a New Trajectory for Ecclesiology”
  • Samantha Gilmore, Princeton Theological Seminary, “Preaching That is Fully Human”
  • Wilson McCoy, College Hills Church of Christ, Nashville, TN, Respondent
  • Eric Gentry, Highland Church of Christ, Memphis, TN, Respondent
  • Mallory Wyckoff, Nashville, TN, Respondent

“Philosophical Engagements with the Stone-Campbell Tradition, part I,” Caleb Clanton, Lipscomb University, Convener

  • Chris Shrock, Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics and Oklahoma Christian University, Panelist
  • Blake McAllister, Hillsdale College, Panelist
  • Anna Brinkerhoff, Brown University, Panelist 

“Philosophical Engagements with the Stone-Campbell Tradition, Part II,” Chris Shrock, Oklahoma Christian University and Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics, Co-Conveners 

  • Caleb Clanton, Lipscomb University, Panelist
  • Kraig Martin, Harding University, Panelist
  • Tess Varner, Concordia College, Panelist 

“Scripture and Practical Theology: The Convergence of Text and Practice,” Carson Reed, Abilene Christian University and Amanda Pittman, Abilene Christian University, Co-Conveners

  • Amanda Pittman, Abilene Christian University
  • Carson Reed, Abilene Christian University
  • Nathan Bills, Independent Scholar
  • Greg Sterling, Yale Divinity School, Respondent

“Despite Division, a Living Connection Remained: Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in Western Canada,” Shelley L. Jacobs, Disciples of Christ Historical Society, Convener

  • Lane Scruggs, University of Toronto, “The Division in Canada: Imported or Indigenous?”
  • Shelley L. Jacobs, Disciples of Christ Historical Society, “Canada’s Best Kept Secret: Silent Cooperation Between Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in Western Canada”
  • Kelly Carter, Calgary Church of Christ and Alberta Bible College, “Beyond ‘Extended Family’: The Future of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in Western Canada”

“Memory, Tradition & the Future of Distance Learning,” Scott E. Hamm, Hardin-Simmons University, Convener

  • Jerry Sumney, Lexington Theological Seminary, “Some Best Practices in Online Teaching: Things We Have Learned at Lexington”
  • Mindi Thompson, Abilene Christian University, “Culture Counts: Online Learning for International Students”
  • Timothy Paul Westbrook, Harding University, Jordan McDonald, Harding University and Morgan Miller,  Harding University, “An Investigation into the Implications of Dewey's "Learning Situation" for Online Education

"The Restorationists Go Global: The Stone-Campbell Movement as a World Christian Tradition," Christopher Flanders, Abilene Christian University and Jeremy Hegi, Boston University, Conveners

  • Paul Chimhungwe, African Christian College, "Early 20th Century Unity among Stone-Campbell Movement Congregations in Sourthern Africa: Emphasizing the Gospel over Ecclesiastical Traditions"
  • Janine Morgan, Abilene Christian University, "Pan-Handle Preachers and the Pope: A Cross-Cultural Dialectic and Missionary Identity Formation of the Churches of Christ in Post-War Italy"
  • Yukikazu Obata, Fuller Theological Seminary, "Building an Intercutural Church in Imperial Japan: Yunosuke Hiratsuka and the Utilization of the Church of Christ and National Identities, 1897-1945"
  • Gary Holloway, World Convention, Repondent

"Greater Things for God: History of Mission in the Stone-Campbell Movement," Christopher Flanders, Abilene Christian University and Jeremy Hegi, Boston University, Conveners

  • Brady Kal Cox, Abilene Christian University, "A Failed Attempt at a Contextualized Preacher Training School: Dr. William Douglass Gunselman and the Philippine Bible College of Quezon City"
  • Christopher Flanders, Abilene Christian University, "The First Church of Christ Mission Training Program: George A. Lineman and W. W. Freeman at Abilene Christian College--1918 to 1925"
  • C. Philip Slate, Harding School of Theology, "Greene Lawrence Wharton: Pioneer in Disciple MIssions to the 'Heathen' and a Window into 19th Century Disciple Mission Understanding"
  • Douglas Foster, Abilene Christian University, Respondent

"The Bible, Justice, and Law (Session I)," Kilnam Cha, Abilene Christian University, Andrew Little, Abilene Christian University, and William "Chip" Kooi, Oklahoma Christian University, Co-Conveners

  • Stuart Platt, Abilene Christian University, and Jason Jones, Abilene Christian University and Portland State University, "Federal Pattern or Practice Methods in Law Enforcement: Are they beneficial or harmful to citizens and police legitimacy?"
  • Ken Swindle, JD, Swindle Law Firm, Rogers, AR, "Christianity and the Economic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System"
  • Andrew Little, Abilene Christian University, "Sweatshops, Uber, and Health Insurance: Justice and Law in Work Relationships"
  • Randy Spivey, Lipscomb University, Respondent

"The Bible, Justice, and Law (Session II)," Kilnam Cha, Abilene Christian University, Convener, Andrew Little, Abilene Christian University, and William "Chip" Kooi, Oklahoma Christian University, Co-Conveners

  • William "Chip" Kooi, Oklahoma Christian University, "[Re]conciling Identity Politics: The Gift that Can Be Given"
  • Kilnam Cha, Abilene Christian University, "Empires, Then and Now: Who Are We and What Are We to Do?"
  • Charles Rix, Oklahoma Christian University, "Rip Currents, Identifying Unseen Forces in the Enactment of Gender Equality within Our Churches"
  • Andrew Little, Abilene Christian University, Respondent

"'God's Household Manager' (Titus 1:7): Would You Ordain Philodemus?" John Harrison, Oklahoma Christian University, Convener

  •  Christopher Hutson, Abilene Christian University, Presentation
  • Trevor W. Thompson, University of Chicago, Respondent 
  • Andrew Langford, University of Chicago, Respondent

"Comparing Christian and Islamic Views of Jesus," Garry Bailey, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  • Garry Bailey, Abilene Christian University, Panelist
  • John Barton, Pepperdine University, Panelist
  • Josh Graves, Otter Creek Church of Christ, Nashville, TN, Panelist
  • Keith Huey, Rochester College, Panelist
  • Daoud Abudiab, Faith and Culture Center of Nashville, Panelist
  • Nahed Artoul Zehr, Western Kentucky University, Panelist

"Bridging the Divide: Addressing the Gap between the Church and the Academy," Brandon Pierce, Stamford Church of Christ, Stamford, CT and Paul Watson, Cole Mill Road, Durham, NC, Conveners

  • Jeff Peterson, Austin Graduate School of Theology, "Politics, the Professor, and the Person in the Pew"
  • Patrick Messer, First-Plymouth United Church of Christ, Lincoln, NE "Reflections on Edward Farley's Work: How the Seminary Might Better Prepare Ministers for Bridging Work"
  • Amy Bost Heneger, Manhattan Church of Christ, NY, "Voices Heard and Unheard: Women's Voices in Church of Christ Academies and Congregations"
  • Carson Reed, Abilene Christian University, Respondent

"Reading David Lipscomb in a Time of Trump,” Richard Goode, Lipscomb University, Convener

  •  Susan Haynes, Lipscomb University
  • Joshua Jeffery, University of Tennessee
  •  Jack Scott, Claremont Graduate University
  • William Lofton Turner, Lipscomb University

"Thinking Through the Freshman Seminar at the Christian University,” Kristina Campos-Davis, Abilene Christian University, Convener

  •  Ross Cochran, Harding University
  • April D. Marshall, Pepperdine University
  • Christin Shatzer, Lipscomb University
  • Trey Shirley, Abilene Christian University

“C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and the Inklings,” Jonathan Thorndike, Belmont University, Convener

  •  Kenneth C. Hawley, Lubbock Christian University, “Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and the Consolation of a Happy Ending”
  • Ann Coble, Belmont University, “Dorothy L. Sayers and Lord Peter Wimsey”
  • Robbie Pinter, Belmont University, “Fantasy Worlds in C. S. Lewis’s Narnia and George MacDonald’s Lilith: Thresholds, Portals, and Crossovers”
  • Don Cusic, Belmont University, “Johnny Cash and C. S. Lewis”


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