COPD ButtonMany people with asthma believe exercise is not an option for them, that it will do more harm than good. The truth is that most asthmatics would likely benefit from some form of regular physical activity.  To read more about healthy exercising for those with asthma, click here.  

Despite the uneasiness many people with asthma may feel about putting their lungs through the paces, they can and should exercise regularly, agree most experts. Click here to read more about exercises that are beneficial to those with asthma.

Asthma affects children of all ages and teaching your child about asthma can be difficult.  Learn new ways to understand asthma by playing this new and exciting game for ages 7 – 15 produced by the Starlight Children’s Foundation

Learning how take your asthma medication can be a challenge.  The American Lung Association wants to help you learn about your medication.  If you need help learning how to use your inhaler watch these videos found here: