Faculty & Staff

Department Chair

Dave DeBorde - MFA, Associate Professor of Film

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Core

Larry Brown - Ph.D. in Theatre, with emphasis in Dramatic Studies
Jerry Stubblefield – MBA Lipscomb University
Ted Parks - Ph.D. Foreign Language, Founder Human Docs
Stacia Watkins - Ph.D. in English, with emphasis in Film and Television Studies
Mike Fernandez - MFA in Theatre, with emphasis in Playwriting

Artist in Residence

Steve Taylor – Writer Director: Blue Like JazzThe Second Chance


Andy Van Roon
Jamey Durham

Steve Feldman - Worked for PBS, Sesame Street Series
Van Flesher

Robert Franke - Screenwriter "Chronicles of Riddick," "Made Men"
Seth Worley
Matt Sterling

Guest lecturers

Dean Batalli - Show runner "That 70's Show," Writer "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Bob Gordon - Editor " Toy Story"
David Campbell - Co-Founder of Cartoon Pizza, Co-Creator of "Doug" animated series
Kevin McAfee - President of Veritas Entertainment
Dave Donnelly - Senior Editor for Film House Productions
Rich Peluso - VP for AFFIRM Films/Sony Entertainment, Faith in Films Division
Barry Landiss - Music Executive and Founder Landis Entertainment
Karen Kingsbury - The “Queen of Christian Fiction”
Howie Klausner – Screenwriter (Space Cowboys), Klausner Creative
Tim Brown – Film and TV Producer, Klausner Creative