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Complete the form below to submit your internship for approval. In asking for the following detailed information, we streamline the approval process and disseminate the information to the appropriate academic departments and student audience.

Submission of an opportunity does not guarantee approval of the internship position.  There are more internship opportunities available than student participants. Detailed, well-written and dynamic submissions will generate the most interest from faculty and students.

This form will be used for determining academic and SALT (service-learning) internship approval.  If applicable, your internship can be considered for both types of internship distinctions. For more information, visit academic and SALT internship criteria.

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Does your internship allow for student work that meets an identifiable community need in an area of public interest? If so, your opportunity can be submitted and reviewed for service learning credit in addition to academic credit. Please list the specific service objectives that will be met through this internship opportunity.

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In order for the intern to earn credit through Lipscomb University, the follow requirements must be met:

10 Hours of work per week or 130 Hours total will equal 1 unit of credit.

12 Hours of work per week or 156 Hours total equal 2 units of credit.

15 Hours of work per week or 195 Hours total equals 3 units of credit.
Based on the information above outlining the breakdown of the number of hours worked = number of credit hours earned, please check the appropriate box(es) below regarding this internship submission.

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