Lipscomb Neighbors

You may not know you can hire a Lipscomb student to babysit, tutor your child—even mow your yard.  Our students are always looking for opportunities to make extra money. To hire a Lipscomb student for occasional or part-time jobs, simply submit a job description using the form below. We’ll post the job on our website in an area accessible to Lipscomb students and alumni. Be sure to let us know when the position has been filled and we will remove it from the site.

Sample Job Descriptions

After-school childcare needed in my home Monday through Friday. I have an 8-year old daughter who will need to be picked up from nearby elementary school at 3 p.m. each day. The sitter stays with her until I get home from work around 6 p.m.  Some light housework involved (putting away dishes, picking up around the house.) Pay is $10 an hour. Please call or email.
(Contact information included here)

Science Tutor
9th grade home schooled student needs a tutor in Earth Sciences. Parent would be willing to bring student to the Lipscomb Campus for tutoring. Pay negotiable. Please call or email.
(Contact information included here)

Job Submissions

Please complete and submit the form below.
We will post ONLY the information in the job description section of this form and your choice of how you would like interested students to contact you.
How should students contact you regarding your job opportunity? i.e. by phone, email, other. Please include the phone number, email address, or other instructions in this box.
Please email our office at when the job opportunity you submitted has been filled.