Outdoor Adventure

Tennessee is surrounded with beauty and experiences.  Students are encouraged to sign up and join in on the adventures.  Experiences such as white water rafting, horseback riding, Climb Nashville, hiking, and bike rides are just a few exciting adventures.

Ocoee River 2013

Spring 2014 Trip List


Savage Gulf, Hiking Trip:  January 18th -  Cost:  $10 (Covers transportation)

Overnight Rock Climbing Trip (North Alabama):  January 31st - March 1st   Cost: $25 (Covers transportation, lodging, and food).


Ski Trip (College Night):  February 8th -   Cost:  $50 (Covers transportation, ski pass, and ski equipment).

Horseback Riding (Juro Stables):   February 22nd -  Cost:  $30


Cave Hike (Hike on mount Eagle to Buggytop Cave):  March 1st -  Cost:  $10  (Covers transportation)

Mountain Biking (Lock 4 Trails):  March 8th  -  Cost:  FREE (Limited number of bikes to reserve)

Canoe Trip - (Narrows of the Harpeth):  March 29th -  Cost:  $20 (Covers canoe rental)


Bike Trips - Weekly bike trips will take place through the month of April.  This is a great opportunity to explore the city of Nashville on a bike! -  Cost:  FREE


natchez trace photo

Spring Break, March 15 - 22nd, 2014 - We are planning a bicycle trip the full length of the Natchez Trace 444 miles or 63.5 miles per day.   Please contact mike.smith@lipscomb.edu for more information.

How to Register / Trip Leader Information

To register and make payment for trip of interest, please fill out boxes below. A submission will be sent to Mike Smith the trip leader.  Mike will follow-up after he receives the submission.

If you have questions, concerns, or ideas on trips, please feel free to reach Mike at mike.smith@lipscomb.edu.

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