Spring Sports Schedule 2017

(All dates are subject to change)

Basketball Spring 2013

League Information

How to Register - All leagues are posted on imleagues.com.  Undergraduate, Graduate, and Employees of the University are welcome to participate in any sport.  You must have a valid ID and a Lipscomb email address to register an account on imleagues.com.  Participants may create a team and invite players, or they may also choose to join as a free agent, in which you will be placed on a team.

Club League - All active Social Club members.  Play is scheduled for Sunday afternoons and/or evenings.

Independent League - All enrolled Lipscomb students, graduate students, and faculty/staff.  There is both A & B division.  Play is scheduled Monday-Thursday evenings.

**Captains' Meetings - All teams must have a representative at the Captains' Meetings listed below to be able to participate in the league.  Captains' Meetings will provide teams with contact information, rules, schedules, etc. 

**Cost -  Team sports will cost each team $25 to participate.  


League Schedule


Entry Deadline:  January   (10 p.m.)

Captains Meeting: January  (TBD)

Start Date: January 

Indoor Volleyball:

Entry Deadline: January (10 p.m.)

Captains Meeting: January  (TBD)

Start Date:  January

Outdoor Soccer:

Entry Deadline:  March (10 p.m.)

Captains Meeting:  March (TBD)

Start Date:  March

Sand Volleyball:

Entry Deadline:  March (10 p.m.)

Captains Meeting:  March (TBD)

Start Date:  March

Special Events?

Golf Scramble:

Entry Deadline:  April (10 p.m.)

Tournament Date:  April (Dead-Day).