Spring Sports Schedule 2014

(All dates are subject to change)

Basketball Spring 2013

League Information

How to Register - All leagues are posted on imleagues.com.  Undergraduate, Graduate, and Employees of the University are welcome to participate in any sport.  You must have a valid ID and a Lipscomb email address to register an account on imleagues.com.  Participants may create a team and invite players, or they may also choose to join as a free agent, in which you will be placed on a team.

Club League - All active Social Club members.  Play is scheduled for Sunday afternoons and/or evenings.

Independent League - All enrolled Lipscomb students, graduate students, and faculty/staff.  There is both A & B division.  Play is scheduled Monday-Thursday evenings.

**Captains' Meetings - All teams must have a representative at the captains' meetings listed below to be able to participate in the league.  Captain's meetings will provide teams with contact information, rules, schedules, etc. 

**Cost -  Team sports will cost each team $25 to participate.  


League Schedule


Entry Deadline:  January 8th  (10 p.m.)

Captain's Meeting: January 8th (TBD)

Start Date: January 11th


Entry Deadline: January 20th (10 p.m.)

Captains’ Meeting: January 20th (TBD)

Start Date:  Tuesday January 28th


Entry Deadline:  February 26th (10 p.m.)

Captain's Meeting:  February 26th (TBD)

Start Date:  March 2nd


Entry Deadline:  March 4th (10 p.m.)

Captains’ Meeting:  March 4th (TBD)

Start Date:  March 5th

Spikeball League:

Entry Deadline:  March 10th (10 p.m.)

Captain's Meeting:  March 10th (TBD)

Start Date:  March 11th

Whiffle Ball Tournament:

Entry Deadline: March 10th (10 p.m.)

Captain's Meeting:  March 10th  (TBD)

Sart Date:  March 11th 

Golf Scramble:

Entry Deadline:  April 23rd (10 p.m.)

Tournament Date:  April 23rd (Dead-Day).

Lipscomb will participate in the MTSU TIRSA SPRING 2014 basketball shootout. Lipscomb will be sending a team to compete. The Lipscomb team will be hand selected by the intramural department and the captain of the winning Competitive League Men's Team.  More information will be available in the month of February.  The winning squad of each division will receive free entry to either the NIRSA or ACIS National Flag Football Tourament, along with trophies.