Fall Sports Schedule 2014

For a printable copy of the 2014 Fall Intramural Schedule please click HERE.

(All dates are subject to change)

League Information

Club League - All active Social Club members.  Play is scheduled for Sunday afternoons and/or evenings.

Independent League - All enrolled Lipscomb students, graduate students, and faculty/staff.  There is both A & B division.  Play is scheduled Monday-Thursday evenings.

**Captains' Meetings - All teams must have a representative at each captains' meeting listed below  to participate in the league.  Captain's meetings will provide essential information; rules, cancellation/rescheduling procedures, scheduling conflicts, and answer questions that each team may have.  All teams must provide bring the associated sport fee to the captain's meeting if they wish to participate in games during the season.


League Schedule

SPORT                       REGISTRATION             CAPTAIN MEETING           GAMES BEGIN?               PRICE

Kickball                        August 22nd                           NA                              August 23rd                   NA

Softball                         August 27th                       August 28th                    September 2nd           $55 per team

Indoor Soccer              September 2nd                   September 4th                 September 7th            $25 per team

Flag Football               September 29th                    October 2nd                     October 5th              $35 per team

Volleyball                      October 6th                         October 7th                     October 8th              $30 per team

3 on 3 Basketball         December 2nd                            NA                             December 4th               NA

* Other sports are offered in tournament style play throughout the semester.  Please check imleagues.com for more sport information.