College of Business

In everything we do, it’s our goal to help students prepare well for their future. That’s why we teach not only business practices but business ethics. At Lipscomb, our graduates become financiers, marketers and entrepreneurs who lead the way—but whom are also encouraged to be leaders guided by a firm moral compass and faith in God.

We hold five values and virtues high in our college --  we strive to be purposeful, bold, credible, creative and servants. You'll see more below of how we strive to instill these values and virtues in our daily activities and beyond.

#1 Undergraduate Business Program in Tennessee

#2 Part-Time MBA in Tennessee


One of our five college values and virtues, credibility stands as an important pillar for any successful individual or any successful business program

Here at Lipscomb's College of Business, we try every day to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Just this past April, our undergraduate program was ranked among the top programs in the country and was ranked the best in the state by Bloomberg Businessweek. Bloomberg also ranked our part-time MBA program among the top 50 in the nation in 2015.

We’re also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). We host a decorated faculty, noted for their work in the classroom, their research and their time in the business community. Our business students are also noted for their efforts in their studies and within the Lipscomb and Nashville community. 


Another one of our college’s values and virtues, boldness can allow any successful business or business program to take the next step ahead in their growth, even into uncharted territory. It also instills a sense of adventure in one’s studies.

Our business students take bold steps every day as they continue to prepare for their future. Students venture out into the Nashville business community to make important connections with local professionals and take on challenging internships at some of the top companies in the area.

Our business students, both undergraduate and graduate, also step outside of their comfort zones and take on international business courses all across the globe – recent stops include Argentina, Germany, China, Italy and the Czech Republic.


We here at Lipscomb’s College of Business believe that business can be one of the greatest tools we possess to advance the message of Jesus and His kingdom.

Service, another one of our values and virtues, was one of the cornerstones of Christ’s ministry, and we hope to instill in our business students the importance of using their resources to aid others and help make the world a better place.

Our Business as Mission (BAM) program, led by The Well Coffeehouse co-founder and our Director of Missional Entrepreneurship Rob Touchstone, aims to provide education, inspiration, experience, and community for students who desire to live at the intersection of faith, career, culture, and entrepreneurial thinking by practicing business as mission (BAM).

Recently, our BAM students joined with nonprofit group One53, Inc. to open three businesses in Jamaica


We believe that part of our purpose here in the College of Business is to instill a sense of purpose in our business students, no matter where they are in their daily walk. Being purposeful in one's actions is another one of our values and virtues. 

Sometimes, finding one’s purpose in life can be sparked by hearing the purpose of another. With our Executives- and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program, we invite prominent names from the business community to come and speak to and interact with our students about their work in the professional world and how their faith influences their decision making.

Speakers in this program include Wayne Huizenga Jr., son of billionaire businessman Wayne Huizenga and co-founder of three Fortune 500 companies to include owning the Miami Dolphins, Chick-fil-A's Vice President of Corporate Talent Dee Ann Smith, Sony Music Nashville Chairman & CEO Randy Goodman, Pathway Women's Business Center President Amy Bunton and former Chairman of the Board for Ace Hardware Dave Zeigler.

We also host our Heroes of Business award, which honors prominent names in the business community and allows them to share their stories of successes with our students and our College of Business chapels, which invite a variety of students, alumni and business professionals to share their testimony in an intimate setting. 


Creativity, our final college value and virtue, is a major key to success in business. We teach our business students to think outside the box in their studies and beyond, which can translate to success in the workplace and in entrepreneurial efforts.

Our annual Kittrell Pitch Competition, recently given a grant by LaunchTN, invites our undergraduate and graduate students to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges, with the winner receiving financial backing for their idea, funded by Lipscomb alum Marty Kittrell.

We also invite creative minds to speak to our students about how to use creativity to help their business endeavors. New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff visited our students last fall.