The mission of the Department of Finance and Economics is to provide the curriculum and environment that fosters the development of effective practitioners and scholars in the related disciplines of economics and finance. The programs of study offered in this department provide a solid foundation for individuals entering the financial services industry or the financial management field. These programs also provide a strong background for students who wish to continue their education in graduate business, law, and other professional fields.

The department offers two tracks of study for students majoring in finance

Financial Markets Major
The financial markets major is for students who desire a career in the financial services sector of the economy and is similar to finance programs offered by other universities. Lipscomb University graduates of recent years have done quite well in landing jobs with various types of financial institutions and organizations.

Financial Management Major
The financial management major has been created for students interested in working in corporate finance and is offered in conjunction with the Department of Accounting. Although this is a new concentration for Lipscomb, there are a number of Lipscomb graduates already working in corporate finance.

Minors are also offered in both economics and finance

Professional Designation
Students completing either of the two finance tracks with a GPA greater than 3.0 will meet the education requirements of the MFP, Master Financial Professional program. Graduates will be able to apply for this designation upon graduation through the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM). As an ACBSP accredited College of Business, Lipscomb University has been recognized by this organization.

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Finance Programs

Finance Major

B.B.A degree program
Total hours required – 21 (in addition to the BBA requirements)

Required Courses Hours
FI 2303 Financial Marktes and Institutions 3
FI 3603 International Economics and Finance 3
FI 390V Internship in Finance 1-6
FI 4513 Managerial Finance  3

Select Nine hours from one Concentration 

Required Courses (Investments) Hours
FI 3703 Equity Investments 3
FI 3913 Risk Management 3
FI 4753 Financial Statement Analysis 3
FI 4813 Portfolio Management 3
Required Courses (Accounting) Hours
AC 3513 Intermediate Accounting I 3
AC 3513 Intermediate Accounting II 3
AC 3563 Cost Accounting 3
AC 4113 Principles of Accounting 3