Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Welcome to Lipscomb's Master of Business Administration program.  Lipscomb's MBA program is unique.  For starters, unlike many programs, it requires no minimum work experience.  In addition, with more and more organizations going global today, it also has an international study course built into the tuition which provides a global perspective that every professional needs and should have. On top of all this, it also has various concentrations from which each student can choose from to expand their degree.

Green Hills- The MBA on Lipscomb's main campus is taught in a weeknight format and begins every August and January. The program can be completed in 18 or 24 months.

Cool Springs/Downtown- The MBA at Cool Springs or Downtown Spark provides our students with an exceptional peer-learning network. This program offers a cohort approach where the class stays together during the entire core program, creating an opportunity for invaluable experiential learning, networking, mentoring, mutual support and life-long friendships. Furthermore, the Cool Springs and Downtown Spark setting offers a relaxed, collegial and collaborative atmosphere that includes dinner before classes and a totally “wired” technology experience. Classes are offered Monday (Cool Springs) or Thursday (Downtown) evenings, 5:30-9:30 p.m.. A new cohort begins each fall and can be completed in two years.

Anything that gets you and keeps you on a successful career path is a good thing, and advanced studies can certainly do that.  A graduate degree improves your skills and knowledge, and it also opens you up to new opportunities that might not have presented themselves otherwise.  It is part of maximizing one's personal and professional potential.
Barry Stowe, ('79) Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Corporation Asia and Lipscomb University's 2009 Alumnus of the Year