Master of Management Career Accelerator

Master of Management

Jumpstart your career in management and gain a leg-up on the graduating competition with a Master of Management Career Accelerator (MMCA). With this experiential learning-based master's program you can combine a liberal arts, science or engineering undergraduate degree with innovative classroom curriculum and directed work experience to give you the business savvy necessary to launch a strong career in today’s competitive environment.

The 30-hour program includes paid directed work experience, weekday classes and a global business component that is completed in a one year, full-time, lock-step cohort.

What's your game plan?

The MMCA could be right for you if you :

  • are a new, or very recent, bachelor degree graduate who majored in something other than business
  • are smart and focused
  • have above average critical thinking and writing skills
  • have little or no professional experience in a business setting

You will gain unique insights into the business world from not only our faculty, but from community and corporate leaders who represent a range of industries. You will also join the legacy of a college of business unlike any other—one that has been built to propel the success of its graduates as well as to celebrate the success of faithful adherence to strong business ethics.