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BIOS - Biology Department Newsletter

Volume 4  (0112)


2011 Langford-Yates Research Fellows

Congratulations to the 2011 Langford-Yates Undergraduate Research Fellows: Paule Annecie Benatrehina from the Chemistry Department, Ann Hanna, Ben Hannah and Marina Salama all from the Biology Department. (07/11, 0112)


BIOS - Biology Department Newsletter

Volume 3


2010 Langford-Yates Research Fellows

Pictured left to right: Christopher Martin, Robert Rampp, Molly Watson, Dr. Paul Langford, Dr. Oliver Yates, Alex Patterson, Porter Maerz, and Mrs. Amanda Williams

We are proud to announce the 2010 Langford-Yates Undergraduate Research Fellows: Chris Martin from the Physics Department, Bobby Rampp, Molly Watson, Alex Patterson and Porter Maerz all from the Biology Department. Also, we are pleased to announce Amanda Williams as our Undergraduate Research Coordinator and newest addition to the Biology Department faculty. (11/10) 


BIOS - Biology Department Newsletter

Volume 2


2009 Langford-Yates Research Fellows

Pictured, left to right: Derek Allison - Chemistry, Brian Burress - Biology, Dr. Oliver Yates, Dr. Paul Langford, Andrew Hall - Biology, Will Hardeman - Biology, and Rebekah Mylar - Biophysics

Congratulations to the 2009 Langford-Yates Fellowship recipients for the summer of 2009! Three of the five fellows are conducting summer research for the Biology Department: Brian Burress, Andrew Hall and Will Hardeman. (07/09)