Biology Teaching Major (General Science - Biology)

B.A. or B.S. degree program

I. General education required of secondary and K-12 teacher education students*
II. Specialized professional education Biology 3053
III. Subject matter specialization

Base Core Courses in Biology (BY)** Hours
BY 1134 Principles of Biology: Cell and Genetics 4
BY 1144 Principles of Biology: Diversity and Ecology 4
BY 2114 Cell Biology 4
BY 2213 Introductory Human Anatomy and Physiology 3
BY 3114 Genetics 4
BY 4044 Ecology 4
BY 4802 Capstone Course 2


Two Courses selected from Biology (BY) Hours
BY 2424 Introductory Microbiology 4
BY 2623(F) Field Botany 3
BY 2813(F) Field Zoology 3
BY 3612(F) Nature Study 2
BY 4013 Molecular Biology 3
BY 4023 Cancer Biology 3
BY 4213 Embryology 3
BY 4413 Vertebrate Zoology 3
 At least one course must be field oriented  



Base Courses In Chemistry (CM) Hours
CM 1013 Introduction to Chemistry 3
CM 1023 Introduction to Chemistry - Organic 3



Base Courses In Mathematics (MA) Hours
MA 1113 College Algebra 3



Base Courses In Physics (PH) Hours
PH 1013 Fundamentals of Physics 3


 *Omit Biology 1003 and Mathematics 1043. Chemistry 1013 and Physics 1013 are included in subject matter specialization.
**A minimum grade of “C’’ in each of the Biology courses.
Biology Teaching majors have a built-in minor in Education.