The Undergraduate Experience

The college experience at Lipscomb includes a process of formation– a journey of maturation and development that will play a major role in shaping our students’ future. Movement toward the specific goal of Christian spiritual formation only happens with an intentional plan. We embrace the end for which Paul labored, that Christ be formed in you (Galatians 4:19).

Spiritual formation, or growing in the likeness of Christ, is never required because it comes from a personal decision. We invite students who have not made this commitment to join us on our journey.  We also acknowledge the importance of everyone’s freedom of choice and create space for that. We ask every student to recognize and respect the centrality of the Christian faith to Lipscomb’s identity and mission.

In The Classroom

All undergraduate students are required to complete 18 hours of Bible-credit courses in order to graduate. These courses begin with an examination of one’s life in relation to the overall message of the Bible, and then focus on deep reflection of what it means to live as a Christian.  

Required courses

  • The Story of Jesus (BI 1073) - A study of what the four Gospels, with an emphasis on the Gospel of Luke, reveal about the life and message of Jesus, the significance of his redemptive work in God’s larger purpose and how disciples live out the story of Jesus in their own lives.
  • The Story of the Church (BI 1083) - A study of the development of the early church from Jesus’ ascension to the end of the New Testament period in order to understand the beliefs and practices of the early church, as well as their relevance for the life of the church today.
  • The Story of Israel (BI 1093) - A historical survey of the Old Testament period, with special emphasis on God’s redemptive purpose in relation to the coming of Christ.

One of the following

  • Biblical Ethics (BI 4213) – The ethical teachings of the Bible, including the basis and content of Christian ethics and an evaluation of modern challenges.
  • Faith and Culture (BI 3213) - Beginning with the question Who are we?, we consider what it means to fully participate in God’s kingdom. Out of this identity (kingdom world view) we will enter into conversation with contemporary philosophy, science, social theory and world religions. The purpose of the course is to assist the student in forming a deeper Christian faith and to equip him/her to engage in meaningful dialog with those of other ideologies.
  • Disciplines for Christian Living (BI 3433) - This course gives students resources, encouragement, and experience in the regular practices that deepen their awareness of relationship with God.

Two Bible-course electives of your choice

Beyond The Classroom

Sitting in a Bible class or a worship period does not produce automatic faith.  The greatest growth often occurs when students choose to go on a mission trip, provide for the poor and homeless, or serve in other ways as an expression of their faith. An array of such opportunities exists at Lipscomb, frequently transforming our students in the process.

We realize that we have our students for a limited amount of time. Once they leave Lipscomb they will not likely be in an environment in which they will be required to attend Bible classes or chapel. We seek to help them obtain knowledge, but also to equip and inspire them to pursue a lifelong path of spiritual formation.