Theological Instruction Emphasis

The College of Bible and Ministry offers an emphasis in Theological Instruction in conjunction with the MACP.  This unique focus will equip Bible/religion teachers and education ministry leaders for a more effective curriculum design and delivery to their learners.  With attention to specific skills development and coursework in key content areas, this offering will advance your teaching effectiveness in a variety of settings.

The emphasis requires coursework from the following areas:

OT Scripture (3 hours from the following)

  • GB 5103 Genesis
  • GB 5133 Deuteronomy
  • GB 5153 Samuel
  • GB 5203 Psalms
  • GB 5223 Isaiah
  • GB 5233 Jeremiah, Lamentations
  • GB 5253 Minor Prophets

NT Scripture (3 hours from the following)

  • GB 5303 Synoptic Gospels
  • GB 5313 Luke-Acts
  • GB 5323 Johannine Literature
  • GB 5333 Romans, Galatians
  • GB 5343 Corinthians
  • GB 5363 General Epistles
  • GB 5383 Revelation
  • GB 5An3 Seminar in Bible

Theology & History (3 hours from the following)

  • GB 5423 Historical Theology I
  • GB 5433 American Church History
  • GB 5443 Historical Theology II
  • GB 5503 Systematic Theology
  • GB 5Cn3 Seminar in Theology
  • GB 5Dn3 Seminar in Historical Theology

Electives (6 hours)

The elective hours may be from the above course areas of OT Scripture, NT Scripture, Theology and History, and from the following:

  • GB 5562 World Religions
  • GB 5583 Gospel and Culture
  • GB 5Jn3 Seminar in Christianity and Culture

Other courses from the Hazelip School of Theology may be considered for elective credit, subject to approval by the director of the MACP program.

Fall 2014 Courses for Theological Instruction Emphasis*

*Sections are opened per advising sessions. Please contact the MACP director if you have questions.

Fall Term is August 18- December 11
(updated 4/10/2014)           
Full Term
GB Course
11356 Old Testament Interp & Theology T. Briley Thursdays 4-6:50
11354 Critical Intro to the Bible G. Goldman Mondays 5-8
GB Course
M. Black
online via myLipscomb
5033 11361 Biblical Greek I M. Williams online via myLipscomb
11362 Historical Theology I J.M. Hicks
online via myLipscomb
G. Goldman
online via myLipscomb