Sunday - 11/9

6:00-6:30pm ... Dessert reception
6:30-7:00pm ... Devotional
7:00-8:15pm ... Opening Session - Dr. Holly Allen

Spirituality: Towards a Working Definition

A group discussion on the idea of spirituality, giving attention to the relational, theological, and communal components.

Monday - 11/10

7:00-7:30am ... Continental breakfast provided
7:30-8:00am ... Devotional
8:00-9:15am ... Session 1 - Dr. Holly Allen

Nurturing Spiritual Development

This time will focus on wonder, intergenerational experiences, and body-spirit connectedness as effective means to cultivate spirituality in children and youth.  Participants will discuss ideas in small groups and will experience several authentic, replicable activities that can nurture spiritual formation.

9:15-9:30am ... Break
9:30-10:45am ... Session 2 - Dr. Holly Allen

Story and Its Place in Spirituality

This time will focus on the idea of a master story, the value of personal narratives, how children can enter into the story of their faith communities, and the role of literature in spiritual formation.  Participants will work in small group discussions and will experience several effective, replicable exercises that can nurture spiritual formation in children and youth (as well as adults).

11:00-12:30pm ... Lunch provided
12:30-1:45pm ... Final Session - Dr. Earl Lavender

Continuing Research on Narrative Pedagogy

This will be a presentation of Earl's continuing research on narrative approaches useful for teaching a livable faith.  He will also discuss his new blog site (MissioVita), an ongoing resource dedicated to this topic.