Undergraduate Programs

The College of Bible and Ministry offers several Bible majors and minors for concentration.  You will receive more extensive training in interpreting Scripture, thinking theologically, and nurturing the faith of others as well as your own.

Current concentrations that are part of a B.A. program include:

Theology and Ministry (42 hours)
Children's Ministry (63 hours)
Language (61 hours)
Missions (63 hours)
Preaching (54 hours)
Youth Ministry (63 hours)  

There is an interdisciplinary major in Worship Ministry (68 hours) that partners with the Department of Music.  Students can also pursue a second major in Vocational Ministry (39 hours).

The College of Bible and Ministry offers several theology and ministry minors.  These include:

Bible (18 hours)
Biblical Languages (26 hours)
Greek (19 hours)
Hebrew (19 hours)
Missions (18 hours)  

For a complete list of undergraduate courses with CBM and specific requirements for each concentration, download our current catalog here.