A welcome from the dean

A short while ago, I was privileged to be asked to step over from my role directing one of the university’s institutes to become interim dean of the College of Bible and Ministry. Clearly, if you are reading this as a prospective student, I could easily be back in my old role before you come!

But since it is I who has your attention now, I want to make it count, so here’s the story on this remarkable college: we teach theology for ministry.  That may sound fairly obvious and simplistic, but for prospective students, it is an important distinction. There are many fine colleges that classically teach Bible, theology and spiritual principles.  You may be looking at several. Here at Lipscomb, this college does all that with excellence. In fact, our Hazelip School of Theology is one of only two in the area (and one of only about 270 in the nation) that is fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, the ATS.  And the nation’s leading Christian scholars conference is directed, and usually hosted here on campus, by Lipscomb. 

But outstanding academics here are prelude to preparation for applying that learning to the hurt and pain and joy of serving people in ministry.  All our full-time faculty has been in ministry full time.  All have a deep love for the truth and power of  Scripture. So, yes, you will have the preparation you need to dissect deep theological issues,  but you will also have the preparation and mentoring you need to deeply impact the spiritual growth of those you teach and serve, whether in formal ministry or in ministry as you follow some other career path.

We invite you to join us in building a path where theology serves and ministers.

Steve Joiner, D.Min.
Interim Dean, College of Bible and Ministry

Key things to know about Lipscomb’s College of Bible and Ministry

  • Home to ATS-accredited Hazelip School of Theology
  • Full-time faculty 100 percent Ph.D. level
  • All full-time faculty are actively involved in ministry or have past experience in fulltime ministry.