Teacher Preparation MOOCs

Lipscomb University and the College of Education’s Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation is developing the university’s first free MOOCs (massive open online courses).  The online courses are designed to prepare teachers for today’s classrooms, including implementing the Tennessee Academic Standards and engaging in best practices in planning, assessment and learning strategies.  The innovative and highly relevant courses are funded through a $571,000 grant from the Governor’s Online Innovation Fund and in partnership with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. The courses are being designed to be incorporated easily into teacher preparation programs in universities across the state or for teachers to complete the non-facilitated versions on their own.

The teacher preparation MOOCs can be viewed at The Courses @ Ayers Institute website: http://courses.ayersinstitute.org.

The first three courses have strong ties to implementing the Tennessee Academic Standards in K-12 classrooms:

  • Introduction to the Tennessee Academic Standards
  • Planning and Assessing for Learning
  • Pedagogical Shifts to Instructional Strategies

Descriptions of available courses are provided to help you decide which will be most beneficial for yourself, your students, and/or your colleagues.

Future Courses

The additional courses include other key topics that future teachers and in-service teachers should consider as they refine their practice:

  • Engaging Students
  • Personalized Education through Differentiated Instruction
  • PLC and Working Community
  • The Learning Environment
  • Role of Technology in Education
  • Role of the Teacher
  • Being a Connected Educator

Facilitator’s Guides

The Facilitator’s Guides, available upon request, are helpful to any instructor planning to use a portion of a course or even an entire course within his/her own educator preparation program. These comprehensive guides contain the same icons and information provided in the online environment while going a step further and include how to fully integrate the online course and resources into face-to-face classes.

Getting Started

To get started with any course today, visit The Courses @ Ayers Institute website.

If you are an instructor in a teacher preparation program and would like a copy of the full Facilitator’s Guide for any course, use our online form to request a copy of Facilitator's Guide documents.