M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

The mission of the Educational Leadership program is to prepare students for effective school leadership and empower them to become instruments of influence for increasing student achievement.  The program is grounded in principles of professional, ethical leadership based upon core Christian values emphasizing cultural competence and excellence for all.  Graduates of the Educational Leadership program will be prepared to effectively lead in various educational settings including schools, districts, and entrepreneurial interests.  The goal for the Educational Leadership program is for all program participants to successfully earn the Instructional Leadership License as awarded by the Tennessee Department of Education and enter a role of service as an educational leader.

The program is designed across five core professional leadership learning strands: Personal and Ethical, Visionary, Learning-focused, Organizational, and Research Specialty.  Each strand was carefully developed by the College of Education’s Leadership Task Force following an in-depth review of researched best practices and essential competencies for effective school leadership.  The Task Force formalized learning modules based upon this research and clustered these modules into the five Educational Leadership learning strands.  This design was reviewed by current practitioners, the College of Education’s Teacher Education Advisory Council (TEAC), and revised in accordance with recommendations

Educational Leadership program participants will progress through the five learning strands as a cohort group.  Cohort groups will begin in June and continue the program for 14 months. Learning strands will be delivered in modules grouped into one-, two-, and three-hour graduate courses.  The courses will be offered as hybrid experiences consisting of online modules, field-work, an one weekend meeting per month throughout the 14-month program.  Program participants will also be required to collaborate with a practicing mentor in the field throughout the program. 

The most valuable aspect of the Educational Leadership program is the consistent theme of Christian, ethical leadership throughout all strands with an emphasis in student achievement and equity.  The program is unique in its practical design of training school leaders.  The strands and modules are intentionally driven toward training leaders to be learners and effective practitioners.  The hybrid, online, and weekend delivery structure is specifically designed to meet the needs of practicing educators.  The strands are also aligned with ISLLC and TILS professional standards.

Program participants will be able to earn either a Masters or Educational Specialist degree or can enroll in a non-degree, license-only option.

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