The goals of the Institute are three-fold: (1) to equip teachers to improve their classroom performance; (2) to cultivate a state-wide cadre of principals and instructional coaches who promote a culture of effective teacher mentorship in the schools they serve; (3) to contribute expertise and proven models to the dialogue on education reform. The Institute will strive to initially reach these goals through the following focus areas:

Common Core Implementation

The Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation will leverage resources to reinforce state priorities through the transition to these new academic standards. By focusing on higher education implementation, the institute will provide comprehensive professional development to all higher education faculty that will allow pre-service teachers to gain the content and general pedagogy necessary to immediately implement common core standards in their classrooms. The institute will create best teaching practice resources, including video modules, to assist teacher education programs through a successful implementation.

Instructional CoachingProfessional Learning

The Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation is focused on providing support for the most current models of instructional Coaching to equip, support, and train teacher leaders in Instructional Coaching. Through innovative programming, the Ayers institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation will support school leaders, coaches, and teachers to positively affect student achievement through reflective, collaborative best practices.



Leadership Development

The Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation is committed to building capacity for leadership in Tennessee’s future educational leaders today. Through a comprehensive, competency-based program, aspiring leaders gain the instructional and leadership skills necessary to provide transformational educational experiences to Tennessee’s students.