Langford-Yates Scholarship

Student works with professor in Biology lab

This is an internal scholarship that is only open to Lipscomb University students. The award enables Biology, and Chemistry and Biochemistry undergraduate students to conduct summer research.

You may download and print the Langford-Yates scholarship Proposal Evaluation Rubric and Application Form below.

Application Form Evaluation Rubric


Jordan Beale
Brittany Gorman
Mark Mitchell
Lincoln Shade
Hannah Stephen


Austin Dove
Beshoy Fahmy 
Will Fuller
Spencer Richardson


Rayz Khoury - Senior Biology Major
Cameron MacQuarrie - Senior Biology Major
Nathan Owens - Accepted to UT Medical School
Noah Richardson - Junior Biology Major


Patrick Grace - Biology Major at Lipscomb, Worked with Dr. Alan Bradshaw, Accepted to Louisville and University of Kentucky Medical Schools
Ryan Scott Bowen - Biochemistry major at Lipscomb, Dr. John Smith, mentor
Brenna Faye Cosminsky - Molecular Biology Major at Lipscomb
Ashley Guinn - Molecular Biology Major at Lipscomb, Accepted to ETSU Medical School
Kellie Regal (did not accept L-Y) - Molecular Biology Major at Lipscomb (Kellie actually worked for Susan Mercer in Pharmacy instead of L-Y)


Annecie Benatrehina - graduate school at the Ohio State University (College of Pharmacy)
Ann Hanna - working in a research lab at Vanderbilt
Ben Hannah - University of Tennessee Medical School 
Marina Salama
Kyle Brawner (did not accept L-Y) - University of Alabama-Birmingham PhD in Immunology
Danielle Kelvas (did not accept L-Y)


Alex Patterson - University of Kentucky Medical School
Porter Maerz - University of Florida Medical School
Robert Rampp - University of Tennessee Medical School
Christopher Martin
Molly Watson
Matt Elrod (did not accept L-Y) - Did Survivor TV show, now models and acts in music videos
Ben Kellum (did not accept L-Y) - University of Oklahoma Dental School


Derek Allison - Georgetown University Medical School
Brian Burress - University of Tennessee Medical School
Andrew Hall - University of Tennessee Medical School
Will Hardeman
Rebekah Mylar - Physics major


Ben Bailey - University of Kentucky Medical School
Larry Morris - Michigan State University PhD in Chemistry
Matt Petty - University of Tennessee-Memphis Medical School
Jay Ramsey - Ohio State University Medical School


Dylan Addis - University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical School
Sherly Celada
Rachel Lovett