Fall Spring Summer Fall
Story and Structure (3)
Emerging Media (2)
Entrepreneurship (2)
Film Production 1 (3)
Development (2)
History of TV & Film (2)
Writing for TV (2)
Film Production 2 (3)
Practicum (1)
Screenwriting (2)
Distribution (2)
Cinema Aesthetics (2)
Film Production 3 (3)
Practicum (1)
Portfolio I (3)
Portfolio II (3)
36 Total Hours
Mobile, social media, marketing, webisodes Education/Training, commercials, music videos Television Drama or Sit Com, Reality TV Short Narrative, or approved project

Final Semester Portfolio

Business Plan

Students will put together a business plan for their Portfolio. This will include:

  1. A Lined Script
  2. Script Breakdown Sheets (by scene)
  3. Shot List
  4. Shot Plot or Storyboards
  5. Budget
  6. Crew List
  7. Schedule
  8. Packaged Film
  9. Marketing and distribution plan


  • Short Film
  • Education Training Video
  • Music Video
  • Animated Short
  • TV Sit Com or Drama Pilot

A copy of this will be kept in the library.

Each cohort must work in teams to produce their portfolio and students will bear the burden of their own production costs, unless told otherwise by their portfolio committee.