Art Major - Studio Concentration

B.A. degree program

Base Courses in Art (AR) Hours
  Foundation Courses:  
AR 1013 Foundation Studio I 3
AR 1113 Foundation Studio II 3
AR 1213 Color Theory  3
AR 1413 Foundation Studio III 3
AR 1513 Conceptualization and Presentation 3
AR 1723 New Media Studio  3
  Studio Art Courses:  
AR 2253 Fundamentals of Printmaking 3
AR 2313 Fundamentals of Photography 3
AR 2613 Fundamentals of Painting 3
  15 hours selected from:  
AR 2213 Fundamentals of Ceramics  
AR 2223 Intermediate Ceramics  
AR 2263 Intermediate Printmaking  
AR 2323 Intermediate Photography  
AR 3113 Advanced Printmaking  
AR 3623 Intermediate Painting  
AR 4213 Advanced Painting  
  Art History Courses: 3
AR 4813 Survey of History of Art I 3
AR 4823 Survey of History of Art II  3

Post-foundation portfolio reviews will take place after a student has completed core foundation classes. Reviews will be conducted by faculty. If a student does not demonstrate foundational skills and abilities that are needed to gain access to the upper level courses, students will not receive the necessary recommendation for advancement in the program.