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Headshot Turney StevensAncient China, Global China
Understanding China’s History, Government, Culture and Economy

May 9-24, 2014
Pricing: Starting Cost: $4,999 per person, not including air

China 2014 Itinerary

15 days including Hong Kong, Beijing, Xi’an, Chongquing, Yangtze River Cruise, Yichang, and Shanghai

Join us for this unique travel experience as we explore the Land of the Dragon. China is the third most visited country in the world and is home to vivid natural scenery, magnificent historical sites and royal cities, all-embracing cultures as well as over a 5,000 year history.

Info/RSVP: Please call 615-966-6216 or email

Faculty Travel Hosts

This trip, led by Turney Stevens, Dean of the College of Business, and Ann Stevens, will feature special briefings by Barry Stowe, CEO of Prudential Corporation Asia and 1978 Lipscomb alumnus, and other executives and professors from leading Chinese corporations and universities.

Turney and Ann have spent a total of 13 weeks in China and Asia over the past five years, traveling with student trips from the College of Business.