Student Alumni Philanthropy Council

The mission of the Lipscomb University Student Alumni Philanthropy Council (SAPC) is to serve as a liaison and facilitate an active relationship between students and alumni and to advance unity within the university community by promoting activities and programs to preserve traditions that strengthen lifelong loyalty to Lipscomb University. In achieving this mission, students will meet two key objectives:

  1. Foster philanthropy within the student body
  2. Cultivate future alumni leaders

Committee Structure

Philanthropy: Educate student body about impact of giving to the university and express gratitude to donors on behalf of student body; Promote awareness and student philanthropy through events such as Tuition Freedom Day in the spring semester and National Philanthropy Day® in the fall.

Activities & Events: Network with alumni by helping with event logistics and implementation (alumni receptions and luncheons, Lipscomb LIVE, etc.) Duties could involve set up and operation, serving as hosts, greeters, serving as liaison between student body, alumni and friends; develop and promote programs to enhance and preserve Lipscomb traditions and strengthen loyalty to the university.

Public Relations: Promote SAPC and its programs using a variety of communication and marketing methods; identify opportunities to create partnerships between Development/Alumni Relations, student organizations and alumni.


• Opportunity to network and engage with industry professionals, influential donors and a variety of alumni.

• Two officers serve as student representatives on the GOLD Council

• Professional development. Students sharpen their skills in event planning and management, marketing and promotion, presentation, finance and time management and other relevant career experience.

• Achieve a greater understanding of university development and alumni relations.