Lifelong Learning Faculty

Headshot Craig BledsoeDr. Craig Bledsoe
Lipscomb University Provost, Chief Academics Officer
Dr. Craig Bledsoe has served as Provost, Lipscomb’s Chief Academic Officer, since 1997. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Lipscomb University, a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Florida, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Vanderbilt University.  He has been a member of the Lipscomb University faculty since 1977, and holds the rank of Professor of Political Science. He served as the chair of the department of History, Politics, and Political Science from 1991 to 1997.

Pamela O'Neal
Author of The God of Egypt
Pamela Dawn O’Neal is a grateful servant of the One who came to serve, and considers that to be her greatest and most impressive credential.  She attended Harding University and Texas A&M University, majoring in both Biology and in Psychology. However, for the past quarter of a century, she been captivated by a profound love for the study of ancient Egypt, searching vigorously for indications in Egyptian history to verify the Hebrew sojourn in that great country. Reading and accumulating notes to that effect became her pastime, her pursuit, and her passion. She is completely self-taught in this subject, but her theory concerning the convergence of the account of the Biblical Exodus and well-documented Egyptian records is unique in that there is no compromise to the integrity of either source.  Her book, The God of Egypt, expounds her theories, and she is currently working on a second edition.
Pamela is a frequent ladies day speaker, presenting lessons across the country over the last twenty years. She has authored three books in a series of Bible class teacher training programs, has written four week-long sets of nature-centered Bible camp courses, complete with lessons and related activities and crafts for campers ages nine through eighteen. She has been asked to devise Bible class curriculums and related lessons for congregation in multiple states. She has been a speechwriter for a professional athlete and a proofreader for a university president.  She also has composed over 1000 songs.
Pamela lives in Ridgetop, TN with her husband of thirty-seven years, T. Brian O’Neal. Brian is operations manager for Lipscomb’s Mullican Studios and pulpit minister for the Greenbrier Church of Christ in Ashland City. They have three daughters: Dr. Summer O’Neal, Auburn Spicer, and Taffeta Xu.

Dr. Carl McKelvey
Lipscomb University Executive Vice President Center for Spiritual Renewal
Carl McKelvey is a senior fellow at ICS. Holding degrees from Lipscomb, Scaritt College, and Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary, Carl served 32 years as the executive vice president of administration at Lipscomb. He retired in 2002 and is currently the director of the Center for Spiritual Renewal at Longview Mansion.

Turney Stevens
Graduate Professor of Business at Lipscomb University
Headshot Turney Stevens 2
Who better to lead a trip to the birthplace of the Renaissance than our own renaissance man? In a 40 year career, Lipscomb alum Turney Stevens has been an investment banker, an entrepreneur and investor, and since 2008 a professor in the College of Business at Lipscomb and, for six years, the dean of the College. Today, he serves as Dean Emeritus while teaching graduate business ethics classes, directing the Hilton and Sallie Dean Institute for Corporate Governance and Integrity, and working with the University's Advancement team. He and Ann have been married for 34 years and are veteran world travelers with a very special love for all things Italian. They look forward to sharing their love of Italian life and culture both in the class this fall and on the trip to Florence next spring.

Kay Wyatt
Retired Lipscomb Academy English Faculty; M.A.T. English MTSU